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Community Partners

Dear Community Partner,

CEL is excited to introduce its Volunteer Hub,  a student’s one stop shop to find volunteer opportunities, meet with and learn from peer volunteer consultants and track completed direct service hours. Additionally, the Volunteer Hub will serve as the primary location for community partners to post volunteer opportunities, edit and update organization information and engage with the SMU community.

What does this mean for you? 

There is a new way to keep our records up to date with your information AND an updated process to post your volunteer opportunities. Here’s how it works:

  1. Please make sure to have a Community Partner Information form on file with SMU CEL. Even if you have an existing relationship with our department, it is important that you fill this form out so that we have the most current and up to date information for your organization. Any time your organization has a change in volunteer coordinator, email, address or anything else pertinent for us to know, please update that information through the Community Partner Information form.
  2. Post your direct service opportunities for SMU students, faculty and staff
    1. The more we know about your organization, the better we are able to direct students, student groups or organizations to you. After submitting the Community Partner Information form, you will receive a confirmation stating it has been received. Afterwards, you will receive a follow-up call or e-mail from one of our CEL staff members or student volunteer consultants, where they will gather a bit more information, set up a site visit and gain a better understanding of your organization's goals and mission, for us to serve you better. If approved to be listed as a non-profit agency on our internal database, you will then be emailed a form ("Request to Promote Volunteer Opportunities") to submit your one-time or ongoing volunteer opportunities as your organization sees fit.
    2. Due to the volume of requests for volunteers that we get, we serve primarily as an information bank for our students. The more we know about your organization and the volunteer opportunities, the better we are able to make a “match” or direct the opportunity to an appropriate student, student group or organization. We provide information about organizations and opportunities to students, and it’s up to them to contact you directly to arrange the volunteer work. We’re unable to guarantee any volunteers, but we do our best to promote the opportunities to our students.
    3. We have a weekly CEL Volunteer ListSERV(E), too. Remember,  in order to be featured on the weekly Volunteer List(SERVE), you must have a current Community Partner Information Form on file with our office.