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Meyerson Prize for Fiction


The 2016 David Nathan Meyerson Prize for Fiction Winners

This year's judge was Megan Mayhew Bergman.
The winning short stories will appear in Volume 101, No. 4.
Congratulations to Elie Piha, Mark Jacquemain, and all of the finalists. It was an honor to read your work.


Elie Piha

"Thinking About Women on the
  Other Side of the World"


Mark Jacquemain

"Immortal Jellyfish"

(in no
particular order)


Joe Byrne
John Wolfe
Nathan Dunne
Franz Nicolay
Denise Bostrom
Ethan Leonard
Gordon Sauer
Melinda Goodman


"No Trouble"
"Tefilah for Tuvia"
"The Blue Palm"
"The Morris Column"
"Merritt Bakery Parking Lot"
"Creeley's Drop"
"The Life and Life of C.B. Scuggs"