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Meyerson Prize for Fiction


The 2015 David Nathan Meyerson Prize for Fiction Winners

This year's judge was Scott Blackwood. The winning short story will appear in Volume 100, No. 4. Congratulations to V. H. Hernandez and all of the finalists. It was an honor to read your work.

Winner V. H. Hernandez "The Many Deaths of Zaragoza Matjeel"
Finalists Deborah Forbes
Robert Ziegler
K. W. Oxnard
Melissa Ragsly
Bonnie Roop Bowles
Carlson Heath
Tori Malcangio
Elijah Guo
Bridgette Shade
"Modes of Transport"
"Bones of the Earth"
"La Celestina"
"The Official Portsmith School Debate Society"
"The Lifespan of a Mobile Home on Fire"