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Marr Poetry Prize


The 2015 Morton Marr Poetry Prize Winners

This year's judge was David Lehman. The winning poems appear in Volume 101, No. 1. Congratulations to all. It was an honor to read your work.

First Place Terry Eicher "Her Right Breast's Complaint"
Second Place W. J. Herbert "Mounting the Dove Box"
Honorable Mention:

Daniel Page
Lisa Rosinsky
Melissa Cannon

"Mr. Crowfeather's Ceramics Class"
"Time-Lapse Photo"
"Marianne Moore Names the Galaxie"


Elizabeth Bodien
Lucy Ricciardi
Christopher Childers
Deborah J. Bennett
Ryan Wilson
Michael Fleming
Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach
Richard Lloyd-Jones
Ben Gunsberg
Jane Schulman
Cheryl Whitehead
P. Scott Cunningham