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Editor-in-Chief Greg Brownderville
Editor-at-Large Joe Milazzo
Production Associate
Terri Lewers
Art Director & Designer
Julie Savasky
Advisory Board

W. S. Di Piero / Stanford University
Ben Fountain / Dallas
Don Graham / University of Texas at Austin
Rolando Hinojosa / University of Texas at Austin
Ben Ryder Howe / New York
Nicolas Kanellos / Arte Publico Press
Jennifer Key / Pembroke Magazine
Mary Kinzie / Northwestern University
Wendy Lesser / The Threepenny Review
Russell L. Martin III / Southern Methodist University
Joyce Carol Oates / Princeton, New Jersey
Alice Quinn / The New Yorker
Jacob Rubin / Dallas
Helen Vendler / Harvard University
George Witte / St. Martin's Press

Editors Emeriti Charlotte T. Whaley, Elizabeth Mills, Willard Spiegelman

The Southwest Review ISSN 0038-4712 (Print) is published quarterly at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas 75275 by Southern Methodist University. All rights reserved. Southwest Review is indexed and abstracted in Humanities Index, American Humanities Index, Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature, MLS International Bibliography, Book Review Index, An Index to Book Reviews in the Humanities, Index of American Periodical Verse, Poem Finder, and Abstracts of Popular Culture. The Southwest Review is available on microfilm and microfiche from ProQuest and as a CD-ROM full text product from IAC, ProQuest, EBSCO, and the Humanities Index. The opinions expressed herein are not necessarily those of the editors or publisher.

The Southwest Review is a nonprofit organization (EIN 75-0800689) and is supported by the generous donations of friends of Southwest Review.