Stephanie Knight

More Than A Foundation

Living a fulfilling and successful life in today’s complex world requires an interwoven effort. Our professional fields of education and human development are charged with understanding how people can learn, grow and take action to improve their lives and those of others. To deliver what the 21st century requires for progress, we offer the Simmons Promise to all who wish to study, work and collaborate with us. We are in the business of CHANGING MINDS.

Simmons Promise: A Pledge to Progress

SMU engages with the wider Dallas-Ft. Worth community by giving back through public service and educational offerings. The Simmons School believes it has a responsibility to develop alliances or partnerships with community institutions that focus on education and human development and are open to collaboration. To enhance the mission of the school, Simmons encourages active participation from students and faculty to conduct research and to create model programs that positively impact area schools, neighborhoods and communities. Read more.

To address challenges faced in the increasingly diverse world of education and human development, Simmons School faculty actively engages in creating and disseminating knowledge. Our faculty members understand that teaching and researching in an interdisciplinary professional school require complex interactions of investigation and practice to solve problems. Read more.               

Simmons School programs are based on theoretically grounded research models, cross-disciplinary studies and field work to prepare students for careers that promote human growth and improvement. Simmons graduates are able to contribute in meaningful ways to their professions and become leaders among their peers. Read more

Discover how we're revolutionizing education and human development

You can count on us as a school to be at the forefront of issues affecting our areas of focus: education, counseling, dispute resolution, applied physiology sport management, and wellness.