2014 Conference Summary

Dr. Tom Maglisceau, Principal, Rockwall-Heath High School, Rockwall ISD

Tom Maglisceau, Ph.D.

Principal, Rockwall-Heath High School

Tom Maglisceau was born in Baltimore, Maryland and has lived in Wellesley, Massachusetts, Washington D.C., Endicott, New York, Jackson, Mississippi, and New Canaan, Connecticut. Tom considers himself fortunate to have moved several times during his youth, as each new experience helped him to better appreciate differences between people and cultures, ultimately nurturing a desire for a career that involves serving and leading others. Upon graduation from Texas Christian University, Tom answered a call in his heart and remained at Texas Christian University to earn his teaching certificate and his Masters in Education in 1993.

Tom served nine years as a teacher, coach, and administrator at Highland Park High School in Dallas, Texas, his last three years as Associate Principal after earning his educational administrator certificate through the University of North Texas. After two years working as Dean of Instruction at T.C. Marsh Middle School, Tom then moved with his wife, Stephanie, and two sons, Tony and Willie, to Rockwall, Texas where Stephanie and Tom both work for Rockwall ISD. In Rockwall, Tom served as Principal of Dorothy Smith Pullen Elementary School from 2004 to 2007, when he then assumed his current position as Principal of Rockwall-Heath High School. In December of 2013 Tom was awarded the Doctor of Philosophy in Public Affairs at UT-Dallas after completing his research and his dissertation titled, The Decrease of Social Capital in Adolescents as a Manifestation of the Negative Effects of Parental Divorce. Passionate about the concept of social capital, particularly as it relates to family structure and childhood outcomes, Tom is continuing his study and research in these fields.