2014 Conference Summary

Dr. Erica Lembke, Associate Professor, Special Education, University of Missouri

Erica Lembke, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Special Education
University of Missouri

Dr. Erica Lembke is an associate professor in the Department of Special Education at the University of Missouri, a trainer for the National Center on Intensive Intervention, president of the national board of the Division for Learning Disabilities, and editor of the journal Assessment for Effective Intervention. Dr. Lembke has numerous publications in peer-reviewed outlets on the topics of Curriculum-Based Measurement and Response to Intervention, including a recently co-authored book on Tier 2 Interventions. She has presented over 150 national/international and state presentations on these topics. Her research interests include designing and implementing Curriculum-Based Measures in elementary and secondary grades and developing strategies to improve elementary students’ academic performance. She recently secured a Goal 2 IES grant to study early writing assessment and intervention. Prior to that, she has served as Co-PI on a federally funded Goal 5 IES grant, as well as garnering several smaller subcontracts and institutional grants. Prior to her graduate work, including receiving her PhD from the University of Minnesota, Erica was an elementary special education teacher, working with students with learning disabilities and mild mental retardation. Dr. Lembke has served as a researcher, teacher, consultant, and faculty member for 20 years in the area of special education.