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2014 Conference Summary

Session Descriptions

Panel: Introduction to the New TEKS: K12 to Career

This session provided all participants with an outline of where we are and where we need to go with the implementation of the new math TEKS for Grades K-8. Emphasis was placed on current resources that are available to help with the transition and what educators can do in their classrooms to assist students in more rigorous approaches to the math.

Jo Ann Bilderback, M.Ed., Math/Science Content Specialist, Texas Education Agency
Dr. Marc P. Christensen, Dean, Bobby B. Lyle School of Engineering, SMU
Dr. Czarina Reyes, Professor of Mathematics, Dallas County Community College

Re-conceptualizing Curriculum: Focusing on the "Big Ideas"

Although the TEKS provide us with a description of the mathematics content that is required in Texas, they do not provide suggestions for designing instruction. To provide instructional support for districts and teachers, the Texas Response to the Curriculum Focal Points (TXRCFP) illustrates how the TEKS can be organized into "big ideas" around which to design instruction and assessment. In this session, participants will engage in activities that explain how the TXRCFP was constructed and how it can be used in K-8 classrooms.

Dr. Janie Schielack, Associate Dean for Assessment & PreK-12 Education, Texas A&M University
Debbie Perry, M.Ed. District Coordinator of Mathematics, Midway ISD

Response to Intervention in Math: Supporting All Students

This session will provide an overview of basic principles for the implementation of Response to Intervention (RtI) in mathematics, followed by a specific example of how RtI has been implemented in a high school setting. Participants will be provided information and resources for implementing or enhancing implementation of RTI in their own districts, and time for discussion and questions will be included.

Dr. Erica Lembke, Associate Professor, Special Education, University of Missouri
Yassmin Lee, M.Ed., Principal, Diamond Hill-Jarvis High School, Fort Worth ISD

Designing Instruction and Assessment to Support Student Achievement: Early Mathematics

The past decade of research on early childhood learning in mathematics has resulted in exciting developments in instruction and assessment. This session will highlight key research findings that suggest we need to increase our expectations of mathematics learning for young. The findings will be compared to Texas Pre-K Standards and specific examples of how to structure early childhood experiences to optimize mathematics learning will be illustrated.

Dr. David J. Chard, Leon Simmons Endowed Dean, Annette Caldwell Simmons School for Education & Human Development, SMU

Designing Instruction and Assessment to Support Student Achievement: Elementary

What do we expect teachers to know during this time of transition to the new mathematics TEKS? What do we expect students to know with the implementation of the new mathematics TEKS? And how we will know if they know it? Join us as we explore how two of the four critical PLC questions can be used to transition our curriculum, instruction, and assessment to the new mathematics TEKS.

Janet Dodd, M.Ed., Instructional Specialist, Pasadena ISD Elementary Mathematics, President, Texas Association of Supervisors of Mathematics

Designing Instruction and Assessment to Support Student Achievement: Middle School

In this session, we will explore the the five strands of mathematical proficiency identified by the National Research Council and their application to the cognitive complexities within the middle school mathematics TEKS. Session participants will use this knowledge to develop standards-based instructional tasks that address each strand of proficiency.

Brea Ratliff, M.Ed., RME Secondary Mathematics Coordinator, SMU

Panel: Leading Through the Transition

This session highlighted what school leaders are currently doing to assist their teachers with the transition and implementation of the new math TEKS from the district and school levels.

Pam Smith, M.S. Supervision, Director of Elementary Mathematics, Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD
Dr. Tom Maglisceau, Principal, Rockwall-Heath High School, Rockwall ISD
Dr. Michael McFarland
, Superintendent of Schools, Lancaster ISD