SMU Noyce Scholars Program

The SMU Noyce Scholars Program is a partnership between SMU, the Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD) and the Dallas Independent School District (DISD) to create a community-focused pathway for mathematics teacher preparation in the Dallas community.  The intent of this program is to allow qualified students who have a sincere desire to teach in high-need schools to benefit from an exceptional learning opportunity at SMU with $30,000 in scholarship funding from the National Science Foundation, and possible additional scholarship funding from SMU.

As a part of this program, Noyce Scholars will:

  • Complete an Associates of Science degree at one of the Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD) campuses
  • Transfer to SMU for junior and senior years, and complete a double major in both Educational Studies and Mathematics
  • Be certified to teach math at the secondary level, and placed in a high-need Dallas-area school for a minimum of 4 years

The SMU Noyce Scholars Program is also open to existing four-year SMU students who wish to pursue a career in math education in high-need schools.

Program Stages

Step 1: Summer Calculus at DCCCD

Students attending a DCCCD school, who have earned between 15-30 credits, and who are interested in a math education career, will be able to apply for a special section of Calculus I at DCCCD at no cost.  The course is an inquiry-based approach to learning the fundamentals of Calculus, emphasizing both mathematical concepts and also the latest evidence-based teaching methods.  It will also include afternoon sessions including extra calculus practice, discussion of teaching methods, and community building activities.  Interested applicants must have already completed either Pre-Calculus or Trigonometry at their DCCCD campus to be eligible for the Calculus I class at SMU.  Students who wish to enroll after completing only Trigonometry, must have received grades of A/A- in both College Algebra and Trigonometry to qualify for the course.

Step 2: Follow a Transfer Pathway

Students who successfully complete the summer Calculus I course at SMU and decide to pursue a math education degree will participate in a Mathematics Education Pathway that guides them through their remaining courses at DCCCD in preparation for transfer to SMU.  Students will have access to both DCCCD and SMU advising resources, to ensure that as many courses will transfer smoothly to SMU as possible.  During this time, summer experience participants, local educators, faculty and other interested SMU students will be invited to community-building events including guest speakers and dinner.

Step 3: Apply to SMU

As they approach completion of their associates degree at DCCCD, students will apply to transfer to SMU (note that students may apply even if they did not participate in the summer calculus course). This will include applying for both SMU academic scholarships (~$56,000 from SMU for students with at least a 3.7 GPA) and the award available through the Noyce Scholars Program (an additional $30,000 from the NSF).  Students are selected for the Noyce Scholars Award based on their commitment to a teaching career and their desire to teach math in a high-need school. The funding sources available to transfer students are expected to cover a significant portion of students’ cost to complete their degree at SMU.

Step 4: Double major in Educational Studies and Mathematics

Once at SMU, students will continue taking courses toward their Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and their Bachelor of Science in Educational Studies.  The dual degree program allows certain classes to count toward both degrees, and includes courses focused on content and pedagogy organized around math content strands.  In addition to financial support for their education at SMU, Noyce Scholars will benefit from:

  • Community-focused coursework enabling them to better understand and develop familiarity with the Dallas community
  • Field experiences in the communities in which they will teach
  • Training in working with students for whom English is not their first language
  • Cohort mentoring and community building with other students in the program

Step 5: Complete student teaching or a 1-Year Internship in a local school

After completing the dual degrees in Educational Studies and Math, SMU Noyce Scholars will work as student teachers or teacher interns in West Dallas schools. Teacher interns will serve as the teacher of record under the supervision of SMU faculty. After they complete their student teaching or internships, Noyce Scholars will be formally certified to teach in a Texas public school, and the program will work to provide placement options within Dallas ISD.  Ideally, we will place program graduates in the newly announced West Dallas STEM School, or Pinkston high school, the high school into which the WDSS feeds.


What’s Next?

DCCCD students with between 15-30 credit hours can apply for the 2021 Summer Calculus course now.  Full consideration will be given to applications received by Friday, April 2.

DCCCD or SMU students with between 45-60 credit hours, who will have completed Calculus III by the Fall of 2021, can apply for the full Noyce Scholars program at SMU starting in the Spring of 2021.

For more information about the SMU Noyce Program or related activities contact Dr. Scott Norris or Dr. Annie Wilhelm at SMU, or Dr. Jason Treadway, our partner at DCCCD and director of the DCCCD STEM Institute.