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Maximum Velocity Testing

Our 90-mile-per-hour 3-axis-force treadmill and state-of-the-art motion-capture equipment provide both amateur and elite athletes with data that includes top speed, stride characteristics, and ground reaction forces. This information can be used to enhance athletes' performance.

Sprint Acceleration

Our facility includes three meters of consecutively embedded force plates that, in combination with our motion capture system, allow for analysis of the acceleration phase of running.

Maximal Aerobic (VO2max) Tests

Maximal aerobic (VO2max) tests require the athlete to run to exhaustion. During the test metabolic data is collected using one of two Parvo-Medics metabolic measurement systems. Athletes receive data on VO2max, running speed at VO2max, and running energy expenditure.

Gait Mechanics and Energetics

The Locomotor Performance Laboratory is actively involved in research which can increase the accuracy of predicted energy expenditure during locomotion. Variables considered in our research include height, weight, percent load carried, and slope of the surface walked. This information can be applied to military personnel in the field to protect them against fatigue and exhaustion. Our research may also prove to increase the accuracy of common personal devices which measure caloric expenditure.


Research funded by the United States Army Medical and Materiel Command