Eva Russo, Virtual Elementary / Middle School Student

Ava Russo

She is quick-thinking, decisive and enjoys being challenged with new concepts and ideas. Ava is extroverted and loves taking the lead, but can at times take her natural dominance to an unproductive level.

- Loves attention
- Dislikes catering to others’ needs
- Struggles to recognize her own feelings

Personal Interests
- Fashion
- On the cheer squad
- Loves her dog

Dev Kapor, Virtual Elementary / Middle School Student

Dev Kapoor

Dev is a rule follower, who is self-driven with high personal standards. He is usually relaxed and friendly, but at times can be unknowingly insensitive to others' feelings.

- enjoys working through a challenge
- His intellectualism can alienate him from his classmates
- Can become elevated/excited around topics he is passionate about
- Takes assignments seriously

Personal Interests
- Lego Robotics
- Rockets (is in Rocket Club at school)
- Doctor Who

Ethan Mullen-Hardy, Virtual Elementary / Middle School Student

Ethan Mullen-Hardy

He is an adventurous learner, willing to step out of his comfort zone and understand new perspectives. Ethan is an extrovert who loves to make others laugh.

- His outgoing personality tends to comfort shy students
- His ‘class clown’ antics can at times be disruptive to the class
- Highly intelligent, especially in subjects that interest him

Personal Interests
- Has a pet bearded dragon
- Plays soccer
- Into the Marvel Universe

Jasmine Walker, Virtual Elementary / Middle School Student

Jasmine Walker

She is an intuitive learner who likes to look at big ideas, patterns, and relationships. Jasmine is an empathic introvert who prefers the familiar.

- Ever the optimist, she sees the best in everyone
- She is overly eager to please and share
- Avoids conflict at all costs

Personal Interests
- Social issues: the environment, world peace
- Animals and animal welfare

Savannah Boyd, Virtual Elementary / Middle School Student

Savannah Boyd

Savannah has a strong mind for details and has excellent analytical ability. She tends to be introverted and may struggle to connect socially with her classmates, but she is loyal and kind.

- Secretly hates feeling left out or overlooked
- Will stand up for herself but picks her battles carefully
- Excellent data and memory recall

Personal Interests
- Plays volleyball at the school
- Loves Stranger Things
- Plays on a trivia team with her family