CORE is committed to promoting Simmons research productivity and quality by working with faculty and staff. To this end, CORE offers many resources to Simmons faculty and staff. 

A repository of resources including checklists, templates, and sample documents are provided for faculty and staff in Box. Please contact Hiba Rahim ( for any assistance in identifying grant opportunities or help with proposal development.

Repository Documents

Types of Research Support

  • Collaborations: Collaborations with CORE do not cost anything for faculty, regardless of the amount of work. Some examples of collaboration include:
    • Work that results in writing CORE or CORE personnel into grant proposals
    • Co-authorship on publications, such as journal articles, curricula, and instruments

  • Services: Services are defined as those activities that will not result in collaborations.
    • Help Desk: This type of service is expected to be completed with one or two short meetings. Examples include: Consultation on data analysis, consultation on building community partnership, and consultation on designing TeleForm. There will be no direct charge for Simmons faculty and staff for this type of service.
    • Other Services: Other services may result in associated expenses, such as ones that require external resources, as well as ones that require long-term extensive commitment. (e.g., large volume of TeleForm processing, videographers, and program evaluation projects). How to cover expenses for such services will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

  • Identifying funding: CORE sends out regular Grant Alerts Memos to Simmons faculty and staff. If you would like to be added to the listserve, please contact us. In addition, if you have a specific idea already developed, CORE will be happy to meet individually with you to find tailored opportunities that might be applicable. Furthermore, if you have suggested keywords to include in our regular searches, please let us know. Contact Hiba Rahim ( for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of activities can CORE do for Simmons Faculty/Staff?:
  1. Find funding and help write grant proposals
  2. Design instruments
  3. Collect data
  4. Process and manage data
  5. Analyze data
What are some specific examples that CORE has supported SMU faculty and staff?
  • Helped identify funding opportunities
  • Responded to individual requests
  • Consulted / collaborated on grant applications
  • Written into grant applications as evaluators
  • Evaluated interventions, including design, data collection and analysis
  • Provided feedback on surveys and other instruments
  • Coordinated on research projects and publications
  • Facilitated connections with school districts and non-profit organizations
  • Liaised with part-time staff to become data collectors
Where can I find a Repository of Sample Documents or other resources for Grant Proposals?

Please refer to our Box folder. You will need to type in your SMU credentials to access this. If you have additional suggestions for this folder or more sample documents, please contact Hiba Rahim (

What else can CORE do?
  • Assist with IRB and share lessons learned
  • Review Research applications to school districts
  • Facilitate connections to potential clients for research and evaluation work
  • Provide comparison data sets
  • Offer tools already used in a variety of other projects
  • Consultation in navigating legal agreements to access student data
Why choose CORE Research Support Services?
  • Internal support at Simmons, with expertise in education and human development research
  • We understand education and community data
  • Lower cost than external research evaluation entities

We are here to help!