Center on Research & Evaluation

Evaluation Projects

CORE conducts evaluations for non-profit and for-profit organizations to determine program impact, and to identify those things that are contributing to, or detracting from, intended outcomes. CORE's evaluation expertise is on programs and services designed to improve the health and well-being of children and families and the communities in which they live. A growing number of organizations provide these types of services, and CORE believes good evaluations of the impact these services have on desired outcomes will lead to better quality programs and services for individuals and communities.

Strong program evaluations can be very comprehensive, in which the goal might be to determine whether program inputs cause the observed outcomes.  Good evaluations can also be modest, and focus more simply on determining if there's any type of connection between inputs and an outcome.  Decisions about which type of evaluation to conduct are complex, and one of CORE's important responsibilities is working with clients to determine the type of evaluation that will be most beneficial.

Finally, CORE believes that all organizations in the business of helping others through education and training should include high-quality evaluations as part of their service delivery system. To be most beneficial, program evaluations should be an integral part of an organization's approach, not simply a one-time or occasional service. Toward that end, CORE encourages the use of evaluation data for formative purposes, to strengthen the things an organization is doing well, to fix the things it's not doing well, and to build capacity to effectively use data for continuous program improvement.

Current CORE Projects:

CORE Evaluation Stages
  1. Parish Episcopal School : Surveys and Exit Study for school improvement
  2. Dallas Family Wellness Project : Evaluation of KG students whose parents attend Imago Relationship Workshop
  3. Dallas AfterSchool Network : tiered approach analyzing correlation between quality of programs & outcomes
  4. Dallas Arboretum : Evaluation of Children's Garden and Afterschool Program
  5. The Concilio : Evaluation of parent education program
  6. The School Zone : Kindergarten Component: Longitudinal reading and math outcomes for KG students
  7. Texans Can! Academy : Evaluation of new curriculum for high school students at-risk in charter school