Mustang Learning Center for Youth

About the Center

Reading is perhaps the most important tool in traditional education and undoubtedly central to most career opportunities. For some individuals, learning to read comes easily; for others, the process is difficult. To make matters even more challenging, the sequenced learning that is the backbone of secondary and higher education requires progressive reading skills - skills that become stronger with each academic year - so reading difficulties left unaddressed in elementary school can herald a downward spiral of educational defeat, poor self esteem, and anxiety.

SMU's nationally renowned Institute for Evidence-Based Education has led a number of major research studies that have carefully examined and tested different instructional curricula, materials, and methods that are used to teach reading to children at-risk for reading failure. In an effort to apply what they have learned from these studies, the Institute has developed the Mustang Learning Center for Youth that offers tutoring services for school-age children who are experiencing difficulty with reading. The Institute's researchers and reading experts have drawn on their research findings to design all of the Center's tutoring methods and tools.  

The Mustang Learning Center for Youth offers the following academic support services and training for students, parents, and teachers.

  • One-on-One Intensive Instruction in Reading for Struggling Readers
  • Instruction for the Prevention of Reading Difficulties
  • Comprehensive Reading Instruction
  • Math Tutoring for Proficiency in Foundational Skills
  • Using Math Strategies to Solve Problems
  • Individualized Writing Instruction
  • Parent Education
  • Technology-based Teacher Support
  • Academic Support Services for Teachers