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Story Editing

You love your story. Sadly, only you -- and maybe a few supporters -- do. You've gotten vague rejection letters, or you have friends who say "it's nice." You love it, but it just ... lays there. Is your manuscript malnourished with too little action? Overfed with too many characters? Is the emotional heart hard to hear or the dramatic pulse erratic? Story editing looks at the macrocosm of what you've created: the believability of it, the dramatic ebb and flow, the emotional impact. A story edit can point out the sections that are flat, the characters that are one-dimensional and the errors in reasoning or effect. Includes a review of plot, structure, character development, dialogue, overall tension and dramatic impact, a five-page written analysis and an hour-long meeting. For more information, please email

Story editing is ideal for students unable to participate in The Writer's Path at SMU or for TWP students who seek additional, intensive input about their story. Fiction and non-fiction editors available. No line editing.

Does not count as a prerequisite for the SMU Writer's Seminar in New York; for more information about the SMU Writer's Seminar in New York, please visit

Manuscript Evaluation
Individuals who have completed a novel or nonfiction work and are seeking a professional assessment may apply for Manuscript Evaluation. A Writer's Path at SMU instructor will review accepted manuscripts, make written notations as to strengths and weaknesses, suggestions for improvements, and advise on potential for traditional publication. Following this review, notes will be shared at a two-hour conference with the author, allowing for one-on-one conversation. $2,595. For more information, please email

Freelance Editors:


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Chapter Revision
For individuals who wish to refine a section of their work or have a chapter (up to 20 pages, standard formatting) edited before submission. A Writer's Path at SMU instructor will edit accepted chapter(s) for sentence structure, punctuation, grammar, spelling, word usage, and overall manuscript presentation. $695-$895. For For more information, please email

Custom Tutorial
You need something we don't already offer, whether that is daily accountability, weekly meetings during holidays, or advice on building a triology, series or linked stories. Starting at $750, a Writer's Path at SMU instructor helps you craft a quantifiable and qualifiable tutorial structure and then implements it with you. For more information, please email

Private Tutorials in Fiction or Nonfiction
The tutorial is intended for a writer who has a manuscript near completion and wishes to have the guidance and input of an experienced author and instructor for the revision cycle. Tutors, assigned according to availability and interest in a particular subject or manuscript, provide six private, one-hour sessions. Time and location will be arranged with the tutor. $3,695. For more information, please email

Manuscript Development
If you have the story and characters in mind, and the earnest commitment to produce a full-length publishable manuscript within a limited period of time, this course is for you. Intense, one-on-one meetings will help you outline, profile and produce the pieces required for a manuscript. This offering covers the all classes on a flexible schedule, up to Revision. $4,995. For For more information, please email