Summer 2013 Course Offerings

Advanced Placement Program* Summer Institute

AP* English Literature, July 22-25, 2013

Lead Consultant: Lynne Weber   


What to Bring

  • Copy of Hamlet
  • Sticky notes
  • Highlighters

Course Description

Participants in this course will learn the skills and strategies necessary to prepare high school students for success in AP* Literature and Composition classes. The course materials will provide participants with ample resources to anchor their curriculum and to guide the progress of their students. The workshop leader will place particular emphasis on activities involving higher-order thinking skills and student-centered teaching.

Topics and activities:

  • Close reading and annotation
  • Writing about literature, including both timed and process writing
  • Composition, including grading, rubrics, and writers’ conferences
  • The content of the Advanced Placement test in Literature and Composition
  • Teaching grammar in the context of writing
  • Making literature meaningful to today’s students
  • Building better, more confident thinkers
  • Strategies for challenging students without leaving them behind
  • Using visual texts and graphic representation to aid student understanding

About Lynne Weber

Lynne Weber teaches AP* Literature and Composition (12) and sixth grade humanities at St. Mark’s School of Texas in Dallas, Texas, and has also taught during the past twenty-seven years Pre-AP* English 10, Talented and Gifted Humanities, and many other English and history classes at every ability level. For a number of years she has led AP* and Pre-AP* sessions at summer institutes in the Southwest, as well as presenting a variety of sessions at College Board two-day conferences. For the past thirteen years, she has also served as a senior lecturer at The University of Texas at Dallas, teaching Curriculum and Instruction in English to pre-service teachers. In 2005, Ms. Weber received the College Board’s Special Recognition Award. She holds a BA in history from UCLA and a Master of Humanities degree from The University of Dallas.  

2012 Participant Testimonials

"Lynne Weber exemplifies everything I aspire to be as a teacher--warm, engaging, inspiring, knowledgeable...This week has changed my teaching self and hopefully will change my impact on my students."

"...I love and adore Lynne Weber like a mother. I truly appreciate the intellect, passion and deep well of wisdom she brought to the sessions."

"This was, by far, the best workshop I have been to in my 16 years of teaching. I will use almost all of the information received and feel very comfortable presenting it!"

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