Summer 2013 Course Offerings

Advanced Placement Program* Summer Institute

AP* Spanish Language & Culture, July 29-Aug. 1, 2013

Lead Consultant: Cameron Stephen

What to Bring

  • If possible, bring a laptop or tablet
  • Any lessons, materials or websites that you wish to share

Course Description

The AP* Spanish Language and Culture course is an activity oriented course that will prepare participants for the new curriculum that begins in the 2013-2014 school year and assist in the development of strategies for building a successful self-sustaining program.  Participants will receive numerous ideas, handouts, strategies, and materials that will engage, develop, and motivate students to succeed.  The workshop will focus on understanding the course’s new curriculum framework and exam.  We will also look at strategies for effective instructional planning and assessment that will prepare students for the new AP* exam.  This will include best practices and activities to address the course objectives for the development of thematic lessons and units with a particular focus on appropriate formative and summative assessments.  In addition, we will also discuss the importance of vertical teaming and the integration of technology into the language classroom.  Finally, participants will prepare for the course audit and have opportunities to share their best practices that work with students! 

Participants are highly encouraged to read the curriculum framework and exam description before the course (available on

About Cameron Stephen

Cameron Stephen teaches at Cy-Fair High School in the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District located in Cypress, Texas. He has taught there since 2000 and has served as department chairman since 2009.  He is a product of the AP* Spanish program at Kearns High School in Salt Lake City, Utah where he took the AP* Spanish Language exam as a senior in 1993. His passion for teaching was born while serving a mission for his church to the Dominican Republic from 1994 to 1996. Upon returning home, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish Literature from the University of Utah in 2000. He completed a Master of Arts degree in Spanish Literature from the University of Houston in 2009.  He has taught Pre-AP* Spanish and AP* Spanish Language since his first day in the classroom.  He was responsible for re-starting the Native Speakers program at this school in 2001 and started the AP* Spanish Literature program in 2002.  When Mr. Stephen started at Cy-Fair, only 3 students participated in the AP* Spanish Language exam.  Now, his school regularly has more than 70 students that participate in AP* Spanish Language and around 15 that participate in AP* Spanish Literature on a yearly basis.  He has presented several workshops and sessions at the Texas Foreign Language Association conferences.  Currently, he serves as the President-Elect of the Texas Foreign Language Association and as the Texas representative on the executive board for the Southwest Conference on Language Teaching. Mr. Stephen has been a College Board Consultant since 2011, conducting workshops and summer institutes.  Mr. Stephen has served as a reader for the AP* Spanish Literature exam since 2005 and has been a Table Leader since 2009. In 2012, Mr. Stephen became a member of the College Board’s Test Development Committee for AP* Spanish Literature and Culture.

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