Summer 2013 Course Offerings

Advanced Placement Program* Summer Institute

AP Computer Science A, July 15-18, 2013

Lead Consultant: Leon Schram

What to Bring

  • Please bring a personal laptop and a jump drive

Course Description

The workshop will cover all the topics required for the AP* Computer Science curriculum. This will include data types, control structures, classes, objects, static arrays, dynamic arrays, strings, recursion and algorithms. The workshop will place a strong focus on Object Oriented Programming with encapsulation, inheritance, composition and polymorphism. Teaching of the GridWorld Case Study will be emphasized by integrating GridWorld topics with the regular AP* Computer Science curriculum. Registered teachers are encouraged to email Leon Schram at for information about downloading Java and GridWorld materials that will be used in the workshop. New teachers, in particular, will be given materials to study prior to the workshop to make absorbing  the many topics presented easier.

About Leon Schram

Leon Schram teaches Pre-AP* Computer Science, AP* Computer Science and Advanced Graphics Programming at John Paul II High School in Plano, Texas. He has taught AP* Computer Science for 29 years and has been a College Board consultant since 1985, presenting one-day conferences, two-day conferences, and one-week AP* Summer Institutes. He served four years on the AP* Computer Science Test Development Committee and was an AP* Exam reader for ten years.  Leon Schram has received the Ross Perot Excellence in Teaching Award, The Texas Computer Educator of the Year Award, The College Board AP* Special Recognition Award, and was selected for the Global Who's Who 2009 Top educator.  He has published six editions of Preparation for the AP* Computer Science Examination and also published Student Friendly Pascal, Exposure C++ for AP* Computer Science, Exposure Java for AP* Computer Science, and 1st Exposure for Introductory Computer Science.  Leon Schram is married 44 years to Isolde Schram with four children and nine grandchildren.

* Advanced Placement Program and AP are registered trademarks of the College Board and have been used with permission.