The Budd Center is creating a toolkit that equips social sector practitioners and leaders to meet the complex and dynamic needs of organizations and communities. We call the toolkit “Leadership and Learning.” Leadership and Learning is built on our community work, our relationships and lessons learned, and the evidence we have gathered regarding the successful start-up and implementation of community-based collective impact projects.

Using a scaffolded-learning approach, Leadership and Learning equips clients with the skills needed to launch and sustain Collective Impact and collaborative projects.

The toolkit consists of our five Principles of Practice, designed to determine a client’s readiness for Collective Impact and to build capacity for effective collaboration and sustainable change. Each principle includes a set of 3-5 training modules.

Leadership and Learning is rooted in an understanding that our goals will only be fully realized when we equip social impact leaders to make the “deep changes necessary to accelerate progress against society's most intractable problems” (Senge, Hamilton, Kania, 2017).