Services for Students & Families

Services to Students and their Families

Pre-College Student Programs

Outstanding high school students who have completed the 10th and 11th grades have an opportunity to experience college life and earn six credit hours through a five-week summer program called College Experience.

Students choose a morning class from SMU's summer session curriculum. In the afternoon, the students participate as a group in an interdisciplinary seminar taught by a distinguished member of the faculty.

The Talented and Gifted Program (TAG) is a residential summer experience that combines intellectual stimulation with a variety of cultural and social experiences. The program is open to academically talented seventh, eighth, and ninth graders.

Students participate in two courses and may choose from college credit or noncredit options. The TAG program offers enrichment and acceleration opportunities in keeping with students' scholastic abilities.

Qualified high school students also can take advantage of a number of different activities including concurrent enrollment in day or evening classes during the academic year.

Family Support Services

The giftedness of a child affects and is affected by the dynamics of family life. The Institute supports families in several ways.

Family Education in the form of one-day  workshops, and advocacy groups helps families respond more effectively to various issues related to giftedness.

The Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented

The Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented (TAGT) offers Continuing Professional Education credit and Continuing Education credit for School Board members in several topical areas.  Visit the TAGT website for "continuing education credits and training" to learn about these professional-development opportunities.  In addition, every year the TAGT holds a state conference that addresses gifted-education issues that are of interest to parents, educators, and administrators; visit the TAGT annual conference website to learn more.

The Gifted Students Institute office is located at 3101 University, Suite 172, Dallas TX  75275.   The mailing address is P O Box 750383. Dallas TX 75275-0383.