Gifted Students Institute

Services for Program Development and Research Projects

Program Development

The Institute staff is available to work with school districts on in-service workshops and staff development programs. The focus of such programs is the cognitive and affective development of gifted students and how the school environment can nurture talent effectively.

Staff members from the Institute also work with school personnel to develop curricula and counseling programs and to evaluate existing school programs.

Research Studies

One of the Institute's primary goals is to increase the understanding of the special educational needs of gifted youth. At the same time, the organization is committed to exploring new processes, strategies, and technologies that support this mission.

The Institute is able to underwrite its research activities and to provide training and research opportunities for advanced graduate students by actively pursuing corporate and foundation grants and endowments.

The June Cox Symposium On Giftedness

Named for the Institute's founding director, the annual symposium brings educators together and serves as a forum for current issues and research in talent development and gifted education.

The Gifted Students Institute office is located at 3101 University, Suite 172, Dallas TX  75275. The mailing address is P O Box 750383, Dallas TX 75275-0383.