Master of Education in Educational Leadership - Higher Education

International Trip

SMU Higher Education Visit to Europe

Similar to the rest of society, higher education increasingly operates in a globalized world.  We believe students should experience global higher education first hand so we have created an international higher education course and trip that occurs over spring break once every other academic year.  This trip provides the opportunity for students to learn about other national systems and the challenges and opportunities facing higher education institutions globally.  In addition, whether you participated in study abroad as a graduate or you have never been out of the country before, the international experience always proves to be a highlight of students’ time in the program.

Goals of the International Trip:

  • Broaden students’ knowledge base and perspective on the purpose and values of higher education institutions.
  • Examine the problems facing higher education internationally and compare issues to domestic challenges.
  • Experience a different culture and learn more about other nations

Sample Itinerary:

Day 1: Arrive in London.  Group Dinner.
Day 2:  Visit Cambridge
Day 3:  College Visit in London
Day 4:  Depart for Brussels.  College Visit in Brussels
Day 5:  Visit K-12 School in Ghent. Boat Tour of Ghent.
Day 6:  College Visit in the Netherlands
Day 7:  College Visit in Ghent.  Farewell Group Dinner
Day 8:  Breakfast and depart for airport.