EPL Specialization

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Specialization in Education Policy and Leadership

The quality of educational leadership has a profound and lasting impact on student achievement.

Applications accepted through February 15, 2013 for the fall 2013 student cohort.

Educational practitioners, researchers, and policy makers need specialized knowledge and skills to have lasting and meaningful impact on student achievement. The Ph.D. specialization in Education Policy and leadership will produce the next generation of educational scholars that will lead the areas of practice, research, and policy. These emerging leaders will gain the knowledge and skills to examine causal instruments that impact student achievement and seek explanatory mechanisms that can be affected by implementing, sustaining, and evaluating evidence-based measures. As such, the Ph.D. specialization in Education Policy and Leadership will promote effectiveness-based research and policy.

The Ph.D. specialization in Education Policy and Leadership extends the mission of Southern Methodist University by developing scholars who will create, expand, and impart new knowledge in the field of educational research and policy. At its core, this specialization maintains the direction of the Ph.D. program offered by the Annette Caldwell School of Education and Human Development to develop researchers who generate data based recommendations to guide policy and practice for education and human development.