Faculty & Staff

Jennifer Kresge

Adjunct Instructor

Jennifer Kresge, LMFT is a mediator in private practice in St.Helena, California.  She has undergraduate and graduate degrees in psychology and a Masters of Governance certification.  A mediator for over twenty-six years, she has mediated over 3,000 disputes, resulting in expert awareness of the complexities of dispute resolution. She is a mediator and trainer of negotiation and mediation programs as well as an innovator in the integration of neuroscience into the field of conflict resolution. She mediates family and business disputes, divorce, personal injury, as well as school, community, and government conflicts and has been a plenary speaker and presented workshops at national and international conferences. She provides customized training in mediation and neuroscience nationally and internationally and has been a guest instructor and adjunct professor in both the private and public sector. She is President of the Association for Dispute Resolution of Northern California, and serves on the Napa Valley Leadership Council. For the past seven years she has been involved in post graduate coursework in neuroscience, and is a member of the Brainy Bunch. She feels passionate about the importance of understanding brain research and its implications for purposeful thought and creating change.

One of the developers of Adult Resolutions and Mediation Services (Elder Mediation), for the Southern California Mediation Association, she serves on a variety of committees that address the needs of the community. Jennifer was a regional member of President Obama's transition team for healthcare, is Past President of the California County Boards of Education, and is an elected trustee on the Napa County Office of Education where she currently is serving as President. In addition to initiating the development of a Strategic Plan for the California County Boards of Education, she is one of three state county board members who were selected to serve on the legislative policy making committee for the State of California.  She has been directly involved in social, political and economic leadership, and has assisted in the development of programs which have benefited individuals and organizations. She is a Practitioner/Trainer with Association for Conflict Resolution and a member of their Legislative and Public Policy Committee.