Master of Science in Counseling

Faculty & Staff

ADMISSIONS: Renee Segler-Dather

eMail:  SMU Program in Counseling

Coordinator: Kathy Silva
eMail:  Kathy Silva

eMail: Jackie Field

Faculty and Staff:

Hal Barkley, Ph.D., Department Chair
Gay McAlister, Ph.D., Clinical Associate Professor and Director of Counseling
Sarah Feuerbacher, Ph.D., Director, Center for Family Counseling
Sabine Rakos, Associate Director, Center for Family Counseling
Betty Gilmore, Psy.D., Lecturer and Director of Dispute Resolution
Tom Hartsell, J.D., Clinical Associate Professor and Associate Director of Dispute Resolution
Greta Davis, Ph.D., Clinical Assistant Professor
Maggie Keeling, Ph.D., Clinical Associate Professor
Edita Ruzgyte, Ph.D., Clinical Associate Professor
Brandy Schumann, Ph.D., Clinical Assistant Professor
Misty Solt, Ph.D., Clinical Associate Professor

Adjunct Instructors:

Molly Arnold, Ph.D.
Robert Berg, Ed.D.
Christine Castillo, Ph.D.
Rozan Christian, Ph.D.
John Dakin, Ph.D.
Charette Dersch, Ph.D.
Harold Duncan, Ph.D.
Kevin Gilliland, Psy.D.
Luba Levy, Ph.D.
Curt McIntyre, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Psychology
Amy McCortney, Ph.D.
Bret Menassa, Ph.D.
Janell Myers, Ph.D.
Terrie Naramor, Ph.D.
Kathy Oden, Ph.D.
Nina Rios-Doria, Ph.D.
Chris Simpson, Ph.D.
Ron Stone, Ph.D.
Lauren Wallach, Ph.D.
Jenifer Ware, Ph.D.