LPL Facilities & Equipment

LPL Facilities & Equipment


The Locomotor Performance Laboratory is located on the SMU East Campus at 5538 Dyer Street, Suite 105, Dallas, TX, 75206.  The 3,600 square feet of space includes the following facilities:

  • Offices and Conference Area
  • Two Laboratory Areas
  • Two Bathrooms and a Shower Room
  • Cleaning and Disinfecting Area


Research Equipment

The 2,200 square feet of Laboratory Area includes the following research equipment:

  • AMTI 3-Axis Force Treadmill
  • Two TrackMaster TMX22 Treadmills
  • SRM Laboratory Cycle Ergometer
  • Two ParvoMedics Metabolic Systems
  • Cosmed Portable Metabolic System
  • 3D Video Imaging System
  • Volume Gas Meter System
  • Electromyography Measurement System
  • Freelap Timing System
  • OptoJump Testing System
  • Remote Physiological Monitors
  • Data Acquisition Systems