AP&E Internships

AP&E Internships

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Fall 2013 AP&E Internships:


Shelby Sanderford

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas

My desire to learn and engage in the healthcare world was actualized when Dr. Britt Berrett gave me an incredible opportunity to complete my internship at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas. My Internship would be under the president himself, a position that didn’t even previously exist. In my mind this was an impossibly kind invitation to explore the healthcare field. People don’t often think about what it takes to run a hospital, myself included, so I can say I didn’t understand the complex business strategies I was getting myself into. Quickly, I realized the learning opportunities for me were infinite. I had access to any department in the hospital and was virtually free to explore whichever fields I wished. I took this gift very seriously and wanted to be the best possible intern and it was my job to figure out how to get the most out of this experience.

This internship made me understand why some people say hands-on experience is the most valuable method of learning. It allowed me to understand instantly if I liked or disliked a field. Most importantly, I was learning by example, example displayed by successful leaders. After all, my permanent mark and dream is to be a successful leader with the ability to change the lives of others. I was surrounded by people who do that every day and love doing it primarily for the satisfaction of knowing they are making other people’s lives better. Aside from reinforcing that my dream is truly my dream, this was an experience that will remain with me for the rest of my life.

Summer 2013 AP&E Internships:

Alex Adler             

Carrell Clinic  


Being a part of the Carrell Clinic family this summer has been extremely memorable. One of my favorite experiences was the Friday when we worked a half-day and the company took the whole staff to Top Golf in the afternoon. This really showed me that the company cares about their employees and wants to make our work environment fun and inviting. The fact that the staff gets along so well outside of the clinic is very nice and uncommon for most work places.

I have learned so much while interning at the Carrell Clinic Institute for Orthopaedic & Sport Rehabilitation. With the Carrell Clinic being the big clinic it is, with 10 physical therapists and 8 aides, I have learned it is very important to work as a team. Teamwork is what helps the clinic run as smoothly as it does. I have learned how to communicate better and work as a team member to get the job done. 

My personal supervisor, which was different than most other intern’s supervisor, was excellent. She was always willing to teach and help me improve in any areas of the job I needed improvement. For example, I am more comfortable working with knee patients than shoulder patients. When I realized this, I expressed interest in wanting to know more about shoulders and understand the exercises better. She was very helpful and easy to ask questions to. She never made me feel bad for not knowing something and was willing to explain things when needed. My supervisor was a physical therapist that I work with on a daily basis and who really knows my strengths and weaknesses in a job, and can help me improve.


Caroline Aston

First Merchants Insurance Group, Indianapolis, Indiana

Over the past few months at First Merchants Insurance Group, I worked closely with a small group of insurance agents to analyze medical claims and research and present wellness programs and initiatives and indirectly learned more about corporate employment than I had expected. As the wellness intern at First Merchants, I took part in more significant tasks than most interns. I attended several meetings with my supervisor, Kevin Mandrell, and the other insurance agents to become familiar with the insurance industry and be introduced to many of their clients. In the office, I researched information about other wellness initiatives, collected information about how to change the current wellness initiatives at First Merchants, and analyzed medical claims of First Merchants employees and the agents’ clients.

Reflecting on my time at First Merchants, I would say my three most highlighted experiences were writing the letter to the employees of First Merchants from the President/Chief Executive Officer of Fist Merchants, attending the business breakfast with Novia Care Clinics, and lastly, visiting Girtz Industries in Monticello, Indiana where I presented a wellness program to all 300 employees of the company. All three of these experiences allowed me to apply my education and skills from previous work experiences.

I truly believe that my experience was valuable in terms of relating my education and a potential career path but the four most important lessons that I learned at First Merchants this summer are reflective of my personal growth and preparation for a corporate environment.


Katrina Beavers-Gutierrez

The Cooper Fitness Center at Craig Ranch


The Cooper Fitness Center at Craig Ranch was the perfect opportunity to learn more about the practical application of fitness and health in a facility dedicated to “getting Cooperized,” “working on the whole you—mind, body and soul, exploring potential, maintaining health and enjoying yourself in the process”.  I was able to apply knowledge of research-based training methods in order to give advice for fitness and wellness prescriptions, as well as aid in the management of fitness and health programs.  The main duties of my internship set an amazing foundation for enlightening experiences and invaluable workplace lessons.  The overall operational effectiveness was instrumental in providing the optimum environment for a successful and memorable internship.  

Cooper Aerobics’ mission statement is simple, direct and a powerful tool for its employees: “Create Happiness”.  Each and every employee knows the mission statement and follows it on a daily basis. The work ethic is outstanding at Cooper Fitness Center at Craig Ranch.  All employees are proactive in looking for what needs to be done, or what could be done to enhance the members’ experience.  Employees strive to create a comfortable and congenial atmosphere.  They will go out of their way to provide the best customer service possible, even if it means taking the time and effort to place an extremely valuable watch from a member in the on-site safe out of the way to put one’s mind at ease.            

The overall facility’s maintenance is impressive. The overall environment of the intern site organization is also amazing.  Cooper Fitness Center is just large enough to encompass all the programs that a member might need such as personal training, spa services and fitness classes just to name a few.  Yet, Cooper is still small enough to enable a friendly environment which feels like you are part of a family.  All of the wonderful qualities of the center including the fantastic group of employees are what make it such a wonderful intern site and incredible opportunity to create memorable experiences.    


Katie Eastman

Orthopedic Institute of New Jersey

My main tasks at the Orthopedic Institute of New Jersey were caring for the patients, looking after the equipment, and handling paperwork. It was my responsibility to make sure each patient was overseen and they feel that they are given the proper amount of attention while they were in our care. The two main aspects of caring for a patient were mental and physical. For the mental side, there were many things to be considered. Although the main goal was always to strengthen patient’s muscles or relieve their pain, the patient’s mental focus also was key to this.

The Orthopedic Institute of New Jersey had an excellent overall operational effectiveness. The Physical Therapists did a great job at this by taking a large amount of time with each patient when they are evaluated. Besides me everyone had been working there for a long time, so the level of collaboration was very high between all of my coworkers. They worked as one unit; almost were able to predict what each of them was going to do next. All of the customers that I talked to had a positive experience at the clinic.

The supervisor for my internship was effective in overseeing my actions at the clinic. This included scheduling my hours, making sure I understood their facility, and reviewing my evaluations with me. The facility itself was beautiful. Being only a few years old allowed for a clean look and feel. One wall was even made completely of glass that created a wonderful openness in the facility. The environment was friendly and inviting. Whenever you walked in the clinic, you could just feel the buzz of energy as people were busy everywhere. Overall, this was an amazing experience that allowed me to both create memories and learn information that will help me while I pursue my physical therapy career.      


Julian Fletcher

Carrell Clinic

     (Julian is on the right)

The Carrell Clinic has provided me with an excellent background into the physical therapy industry. I am learning everyday about the responsibilities and educational training that it takes to become a therapist. Physical therapy combines the wellness and rehabilitation industry together. A properly educated therapist can help by shortening the amount of time patients spend in rehab, and knowing the stages that each injury heals. Discovering my personable skills has helped me in the wellness industry with patients.

I got an idea of the entire clinic through shadowing the front desk personnel, and a personal trainer. Having a clinic that provides personal training can provide an edge to any competition in the DFW area. There is much more to offer than just physical therapy at a clinic, and the Carrell Clinic does a great job at providing a well-rounded staff that can provide therapy and wellness for the patients. There is also an athletic trainer in the clinic, who gives functional assessment tests to clients who believe they need physical therapy.

Overall, the orthopedic rehabilitation that I have experienced at the Carrell Clinic has given me great background in the industry. The patient management and care is one of the most important aspects in this industry if you want to be successful. Physical therapy is more than just athletic training and going through exercises with patients, it has a scientific background and it is important that you are well educated when dealing with patient injuries. I have seen many patients come to Carrell Clinic from other PTs around Dallas, and they are behind in rehab or have other injuries because they are overcompensating parts of the body from their initial injury. It is important to follow procedure, and build a plan of care with each patient. Communication is what keeps the industry going, and I believe that it will be a growing industry for our generation in the future. 


Cameron Gibson

Carrell Clinic

     (Cameron is on the left)

This summer I had an amazing opportunity to be a part of an internship at the prestigious physical therapy department of the Carrell Clinic.  Being a college senior and knowing enough to understand what was going on in the clinic, I was able to gain valuable experience not only watching what was going on, but also to work one on one with patients.  This was a very treasured thing for me because I love to be hands on while I’m learning and it kept me interested throughout the entire summer.

Overall I enjoyed my time at the Carrell Clinic.  Never once was there a dull moment in my time there.  The staff is very friendly and for the most part very warmhearted and welcoming on a daily basis.  Seeing how many patients that come through the clinic and the high profile of some of the clients is not surprising after seeing how effective the PT’s are with these certain people.  They tend to do a great job of creating a friendly and warm environment for the patients and are always willing to lend a helping hand to not only the clients, but for me as an intern as well.  They operated very effectively and upheld all of the values that I feel a good physical therapy clinic should uphold.  What I also observed is the line of collaboration and communication between the doctors’ of the patients and the PT’s themselves.  Most of the patients were from the actual hospital portion of the clinic and were referred to the PT’s from the specific doctors.  This helped a lot because if there were every any questions about what someone should or should not do, the doctor was literally only a phone call away. 

Hands down, the Carrell Clinic is one of the best physical therapy clinics that I have ever been to and I would easily recommend it to anyone else, whether looking for an internship or coming to get therapy.


Manall Jaffery


I had the opportunity to work on some special projects in addition to helping with daily tasks. I designed an exercise prescription form, so that patients would remember the exercises they were assigned to do. I also designed a nutrition guide showing healthy foods and what proportions to eat them in. I updated the Fitsteps’ Facebook page, and just started working with them on a Dallas Marathon fundraiser. The Baylor center also conducts research on the effect of exercising before chemo to reduce side effects. I was able to be involved in this, and meet with new research patients, take down their information and explain what the study entailed. This was great exposure for me, because I got a chance to get to know the patients in our study. In my previous research experiences I have not had this opportunity.

The mission statement of Fitsteps is short and sweet: “To enhance the quality of life and survival for individuals living with cancer.” they achieve this mission through their vision statement: “To incorporate individually tailored and supervised exercise programs as a standard of care in oncology practice”. I saw these goals achieved on a daily basis. Since it is up to the patients to come in and exercise, the fact that they were even making it to workout speaks volumes. Patients were satisfied enough with their health, and the staff to come back again despite the fatigue of cancer or other health issues. Many of the patients are very attached to the staff, this is because the staff is not just a smiling face but genuinely interested in the patients progress, health, and lives. The staff is very committed to their positions and their patients.

The people I worked with were all genuinely happy people, which made it a lot easier to deal with them. I noticed that the staff’s culture is very different than anywhere else I have previously been employed. Each of the facilities I worked at had professional environment and was well organized and fully sanitized at various points through the day. The culture and environment of Fitsteps was also maintained day after day of my internship. 


Dan Nguyen

CVS Pharmacy

My APSM internship at CVS was carried out over the summer; however, much of what I have learned will be recalled from when I started working here to now. At CVS I am classified as a certified pharmacy technician, which is a title that is acquired through examination on the national level with the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board as well as registering with the state. Typical duties for a technician are typing prescriptions that are either brought in from the patient or sent in directly from the doctor’s office, counting medications to fill prescriptions, reconstituting powdered medication, and lastly to check patients out.

My overall opinion of the CVS workplace is that it is an awesome place to work at if you were to pursue a pharmaceutical related profession. CVS’s mission statement relies on customer service and customer satisfaction. Although many CVS pharmacies do not have a high reputation for customer service, my store has had numerous patients who love coming to our pharmacy as well as people who transfer from other CVS pharmacies just to come to us. The overall work environment is a fun environment to be in. The pharmacists and technician really get along. I am actually extremely lucky to have this as my first job.              

My opinion of my pharmacists is equally as high if not higher. First off, I am extremely grateful they took a chance on me and hired someone without any experience.  Furthermore, they are just really good at what they do. I have had numerous pharmacists come in the whenever my pharmacists are gone and they are nowhere near the level I’m used to. They really know their stuff, and have taught me more than I could imagine. I have learned so much from them and it’s awesome to see how much growth I’ve had as a pharmacy technician working under them.


Jennifer Robb

Taos Center for Rehabilitation and Sport Medicine in Taos, New Mexico

For the past two months I've had the privilege of being an intern at the Taos Center for Rehabilitation and Sport Medicine in Taos, New Mexico.  Coming to Taos, to complete my APSM internship requirement, has turned out to be an experience that far exceeded my expectations.  Through this internship, I got to work with eight phenomenal physical therapists with different specialties and years of experience. 

As an intern I got to observe a different therapist weekly.  I got to assist and instruct patients, and I got to sit in the treatment rooms for manual therapy and evaluations.  Not only were my questions answered, I also gained a vast amount of additional knowledge and skills. But, most of all, I gained a deeper passion for the field of physical therapy. 

Taos Center for Rehabilitation and Sport Medicine is an outpatient orthopedic facility with two satellite locations.  The Center also has full access to the Taos Youth and Family Center's warm water therapeutic pool, for aquatic therapy.  Aquatic therapy was very interesting because it's a field of physical therapy I had never experienced.   It was amazing to see how much progress a patient could make in the warm water with movements that seem nearly impossible or too painful on land. 

I'm leaving Taos Center for Rehabilitation and Sport Medicine and Holy Cross Hospital with eight new mentors, that not only taught me the skills you learn from the books or a great course, but the work that comes from the heart.  The physical therapists have taught me the compassion and care that isn't always taught, but is simple from one's being.  The staff members taught me all aspects of a complete physical therapy center, and all the back scene work that needs to be done to keep it going.  And the patients, the patient showed me how one person can change so many lives.  Every smile, every "thank you", every "good luck", and every "you have it in you," from the patients made this internship an experience that has opened my eyes and one I will cherish forever.


Kathleen Snell

Sydney Kings

This summer, I was an intern for the Sydney Kings professional basketball team in Sydney, Australia. The Kings are just starting to get back on their feet after taking three years off due to money issues, and it has been a valued experience getting to help with that process. As an intern, I got to work on both the sport management side as well as the physiology side, and learned a tremendous amount about the sport scene in Australia. My duties included working with the membership manager to help grow member numbers, working with the commercial manager to market corporate hospitality and sponsorship to companies around the Sydney area, working with the team manager on player training, development and recruitment and gained exposure to community events that promoted the Kings brand.

The Sydney Kings are overall a great organization that is striving to become better each day. There is no particular mission statement but the main goal is generating and keeping members as well as getting the maximum exposure possible. I believe the staff’s collaboration level is excellent because they only have a six-member team. Their work ethic is laid back but they always get things done on time and are seriously committed to what they do. The work environment made me comfortable right from the beginning because everyone is so nice and welcoming. They wanted to get to know me on a personal level, not just as the “intern.” 

Overall, I would say that this was one of the best experiences in my life so far! Having the opportunity to travel to Sydney to work for the Kings, being immersed in a completely new environment, and experiencing a new culture, is something that will take me a long way in my work career. I believe I have an even more diverse outlook on life than before, and this internship has only solidified my drive to work in the sports and health industry!


Summer 2011 AP&E Internships:

Kathleen Hoogland

Camp Gladiator

Kathleen Hoogland

There were many lessons I learned throughout my internship. The four most important lessons were the importance of working hard; motivating other people to find a healthier lifestyle, learning to give and take constructive criticism, and sales. When I look back at my summer I appreciate what Camp Gladiator is doing to the world. Even though it has A LOT of expanding to do, Camp Gladiator has already changed so many people's lives and that is my (and should be others) goal to life... click here for complete details. 


Robert Nyakundi

Southwest Sports and Spine