Catalog Descriptions

Catalog Descriptions


APSM 2441, Human Anatomy and Physiology I with Lab
This course is a systemic approach to the study of the human body with a focus on the anatomical structure and function of the human neuro-musculo-skeletal systems. This is the gateway course for Applied Physiology & Enterprise (AP&E) concentration majors.


APSM 2442, Human Anatomy and Physiology II with Lab
This course examines the gross anatomy and physiology of the endocrine, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and urinary systems and their relationship with human health and performance.  (Pre-Req: APSM 2441)


APSM 3332, Legal and Ethical Aspects of Applied Physiology and Sport Management
Legal and ethical implications related to careers within the fitness and sport industries are explored. Ethical practices and legalities related to safety, risk management, personnel, and contracts are also discussed.


APSM 3340, Applied Management Skills in Sports & Fitness 
An extensive study of organizational functions, methods of operation, types of ownership, and the role of organizations in contemporary society as they relate to fitness and sport enterprises today.


APSM 3351, Nutrition
An examination of the role that nutrition plays in health and optimal function including the impact of nutrition on obesity, heart disease, stroke, cancer, eating disorders and specific populations.


APSM 3411, Exercise Physiology with Laboratory 
This course uses an organ system approach to examine the body's responses and adaptations to exercise and movement. Prerequisites: APSM 2441, Human Anatomy & Physiology.


APSM 3422, Biomechanics with Laboratory
This course introduces the scientific basis of support and motion in humans and other vertebrate animals, drawing equally on musculoskeletal biology and Newtonian mechanics. Prerequisites: APSM 2441, Human Anatomy and Physiology. Recommended: PHYS 1303, Introductory Mechanics.


APSM 4349 Health Care: From Policy to Practice

The development and transformation of healthcare policy and the environmental factors that influence the delivery of healthcare services are explored. Financial, economical, and operational issues are also discussed.


APSM 4412, Advanced Exercise Physiology with Laboratory
This course introduces students to measurement techniques used to assess physiological responses to exercise. Students take measurements on each other in structured laboratory experiences. Prerequisites: APSM 2441 Human Anatomy and Physiology or APSM4441, Anatomy and APSM 3311, Exercise Physiology or APSM 3411 Exercise Physiology with Laboratory.

APSM 5160, APSM 5260, APSM 5360 Teaching Practicum (Elective)
Students assist the instructor in conducting a course in which they have previously excelled. Three credit hours maximum allowed. Prerequisites: Junior or Senior standing; Demonstrated academic excellence when previously enrolled in the same course (no less than an A-); Instructor approval.


APSM 5300: Senior Project
This class teaches the process of formal inquiry by utilizing a team format to plan, execute and report results regarding a scientific question of interest to the group.  Prerequisite: STAT 2301 or STAT 2331 (STAT 1301 will not be accepted as a pre-req for students accepted to the major beginning Fall 2013 and after).

APSM 5351, Fitness and Health Enterprise
This course prepares students who aspire to careers in the health and fitness industries. Topics include the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, leadership, salesmanship, certification and liability. Requisite: Junior Standing.


APSM 5361 Research Practicum (Elective and Invite by Professor)
This course is intended for students considering a career in laboratory based biological research. Students will conduct supervised research in an APSM faculty member’s research laboratory. Enrollment is by invitation from an APSM faculty member in whose lab the research will be conducted. 

APSM 5610, Applied Physiology and Enterprise Internship
Experiential learning at a local fitness or health organization as an intern for a total of 250 hours. 
Prerequisites: APSM 5351 Fitness and Health Enterprise. Requisite: Senior year standing.