Program Structure

The Master of Education with Montessori Specialization program offers a rigorous curriculum that partners with Montessori teacher training centers to offer a unique, 36-credit degree program. Coursework for the 36-hour SMU Masters of Education degree consists of a combination of 24 credit hour of graduate courses in the Department of Teaching and Learning at SMU and of 12 hours of credit transferred as portfolio credit from either an American Montessori Society (AMS) or Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) Montessori Teacher Certification Program. The 24 credit hours at SMU are taught in the evenings and in the summer to offer maximum flexibility for working professionals. The primary instructional format at SMU is that of face-to-face instructor/student contact in small classes with average class sizes of 20 students. Face-to-face instruction is augmented with online delivery of relevant material to offer flexible delivery formats. Four required core courses at SMU include 12 credit hours that cover educational research, technology and discourse, diverse learners, and educational psychology. Students then choose a set of four courses (12 credit hours) in consultation with their advisors. For example, students can choose four courses to specialize in a unique program area such as math, ESL, STEM, or gifted education, or they can choose an array of four elective courses to gain exposure to different areas.

Requirements for Admission

Applicants to the Master of Education with Montessori Specialization must meet one of the two following requirements: 1) be currently enrolled in an AMS or AMI Montessori education program or 2) have received their Montessori certification from an AMS or AMI Montessori teacher training program within the last six years. Training completed beyond the last six years will be considered for transfer; please request details. Additionally, applicants must meet requirements as specified on the master's degree admissions requirements page. Note that completion of the Master of Education with Montessori Specialization will not result in initial certification or licensure for public school teaching in Texas. Applicants are advised to consult the Texas Education Agency to understand Texas teacher certification requirements or to follow the link to the SMU Master of Education with Teacher Certification program, which is designed for initial certification. The Masters of Education with Montessori Specialization program is designed for individuals who either already have their Texas teaching certification or who are interested in working in the independent school sector as Montessori educators.

Scholarship Awards

There are generous scholarships available; however your eligibility for those scholarships cannot be determined until after we receive your application.