EDU 6356. Foundations of Special Education
This course focuses on educational policies, laws, and practices associated with education for individuals with disabilities.  Topics cover the range of perspectives underlying school-based delivery of educational services.

EDU 6357. Assessment for Special Educators
This course focuses on current educational assessment practices associated with instruction for school-age individuals with disabilities. Participants will learn to prepare, interpret, and discuss formative and summative assessments.

EDU 6389. Instructional Strategies for Intensive Intervention
This course builds the foundation for teachers to develop instructional strategies for any struggling student, including those identified as having special needs. Student in the course will development of intensive interventions for students who need targeted academic support. Students study intensive interventions, learn how to adapt curriculum for individual differences, and learn about other strategies to address executive functioning and student engagement.

EDU 6360. Behavioral Interventions in the Classroom
This course provides participants the principles of classroom management, both proactive and reactive, within the context of special education.