To qualify for the Superintendent certification you must:


Obtaining the Standard Certification: 

  • An application for certification does not occur automatically when your scores are received by TEA. To apply for certification, you must go to the TEA website and follow the application for certification instructions. Attached are instructions to access this information.
  • You will need a current TEA account. If you have been certified for a while you may need to create a new account in the TEAL system. TEAL_End_User_Training_ECOS.pdf  download
  • You will find the application under the Applications menu on the left hand side, select Standard Certificate Texas Program to open the application. 
  • If you have passed and applied for the certification by graduation you do not need to email me; however,If you have not passed the exam and/or applied for the certification by graduation you will need to email me once you have completed these steps as I will not otherwise receive notice of your actions.