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Summer I (Dallas) June 1 – June 30 (6:30 – 9:20 p.m.)

Abnormal Psychology of Mind, Body, and Health (HUM)

BHSC 6322, Section 7011
Class# 2192
3 Credit Hours

This course explores the relationship between emotions and illness and the role of psychological factors in health and illness. Methods of coping with and treating illness are discussed as an introduction to major concepts and issues of abnormal health psychology. May be applied to the following curricular field concentration: humanities.

Instructor: Michael Lindsey


Engaging Difference: An Interdisciplinary Analysis of Diversity and Inclusion (HRJ), (GEN), (HUM), (AMS) SMUFLEX

SOSC 7384, Section 711A
Class# 2195
3 Credit Hours

Explores how American society has engaged those who are socially different from the majority (race, class, gender, etc.). Using the lens of public policy, historical social practice, and the social construction of implicit bias, students examine the experiences of marginalized populations within American democracy while also existentially considering the human condition from the perspective of their own social locations and identities within the larger context. May be applied towards the following curricular field concentrations: human rights and social justice; gender studies; American studies; humanities.

Instructor: Ray Jordan



Summer IIA (Dallas) July 5 – July 19 (5:30 – 9:20 p.m.)

The Writer's Voice (CRW), (HUM), (ACT) 

FNAR 7367, Section 712A
Class# 2196
3 Credit Hours

A writer’s voice is the “sound” a writer makes when telling a story, the writer’s creation of characters who speak for themselves, and the distinctive dialogue of individuals. A writer’s voice begins with silence, grows into sound, expands to tone, and resonates throughout narrative and style. It reflects the core identity of the writer and demonstrates an author’s facility with language and storytelling. Through close reading and extensive writing, students create fiction or nonfiction concentrating on the cluster of writing features that result in unique literary voices. May be applied to the following curricular field concentrations: humanities; creative writing; arts and cultural traditions.

Instructor: Lori Stephens


Summer IIB (Dallas) July 20 – August 3 (5:30 – 9:20 p.m.)

The Lively Mind: Creative and Critical Thinking (HUM)

BHSC 6315, Section 712B
Class# 2199
3 Credit Hours

Explores ways to develop intellectual powers through an examination of the biological and historical evolution of the human mind, and the development of perception, memory, imagination, and judgment. May be applied to the following curricular field concentration: humanities.

Instructor: Kate Montgomery


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