Fall 2020/Spring 2021: $852 per credit hour or $2,556 for a 3 credit course.

General Student Fees:

Beginning Fall 2020, the general student fee is $277 per credit hour.

*For a complete listing of current SMU graduate tuition rates


  • Limited scholarships and grants are available annually to Doctor of Liberal Studies students who qualify by demonstrating financial need and merit. Students are eligible to apply their inaugural year and must reapply for each consecutive year.
  • Please click here to download and complete this application from the website to be considered for financial aid/scholarships awarded by the Department of Doctor of Liberal Studies at SMU.  Early applications are recommended and encouraged as financial aid is limited.

  • COVID-19 TUITION ASSISTANCE:  If you have suffered financial hardships related to the COVID-19 pandemic and feel that your circumstances warrant special attention, we are happy to review your case.  Please complete the FAFSA application and submit a brief description (100-115 words) of your COVID-related circumstances as well --- e.g., a work furlough, lay-off, or reduced work opportunities if you are self-employed. 

You are welcome to re-apply for each academic year or semester based on your level of progress toward the degree to be considered for additional scholarship aid. Early applications are recommended and encouraged as financial aid is limited. 

Application Deadlines
Fall – July 1st
Spring – December 1st 
Summer I, IA, IB, III by April 1st
Summer II, IA, IB, by April 1st       

Financial Assistance

  • To apply for need-based financial aid, please complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), at: