Program Manager

Jessica Lunce
Phone: 214-768-4500
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Virtual office hours, 10:00 am to 12:00 pm, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday


Greta Davis, PhD, Department Chair
Betty Snyder, PsyD, Director; Clinical Associate Professor
Gary Clayton, PsyD, Visiting Clinical Assistant Professor
Thomas L. Hartsell, JD, Assoc. Director of Clinical Services; Clinical Professor
John Potter, DO, MA, Clinical Associate Professor

Adjunct Instructors

Caryn Carson, Instructor
Ken Cloke, Instructor
Dee Dee Conway, Instructor
Joey Cope, Instructor
Steve Joiner, Instructor
Jeff Jury, Instructor
Kim Kovach, Instructor
Angela Mitakidis, Instructor
Pattie Porter, Instructor
Dan Rainey, Instructor 
Robyn Short, Instructor
Pamela Van Dyke, Instructor