PRW 1101: Concepts of Wellness is primarily an information-oriented course. It focuses on issues of attitude, change, adaptation to change, personal responsibility and happiness. In general, the course content increases awareness of the relationship between our thoughts and lifestyle choices and how they relate to health, fitness and effectiveness as well as an improved sense of meaning, purpose and well-being.

PRW 1 is a one credit hour course required for graduation. The course is designed to strengthen the connections between the student and the University, and explore three sets of issues related to well-being in college and later in life: (1) the role of personal responsibility in coping with college and life's other transitional periods; (2) challenges and opportunities at SMU, including managing time, stress, benefiting from diversity and autonomy, dealing with pitfalls related to alcohol and drugs, and exploring resources and activities on campus; and (3) personal finance to enable students to make informed decisions about managing money, using credit cards, and making major purchases, whether during their time at SMU or later in life.

The context in which this information is delivered will vary by instructor. A guide to some of the unique features of the course related to the instructor is most easily gleaned from an instructor's syllabus.


Personal Responsibility and Wellness 2000 level classes, better known as PRW 2 classes, fulfill the second requirement for student enrolled in the University Curriculum only. Students can choose from a variety of classes.

These classes focus on the physical side of wellness, but incorporate many other dimensions as well. This class gives students a chance to enhance their health related physical fitness, develop skills in a specific discipline, to build relationships with classmates, to challenge themselves, accomplish goals, relieve stress, and have fun!

Extensive research supports that regular physical activity is essential for health and vitality. Students at SMU will take PRW 2: Physical Fitness: A variety of individual and group fitness courses will be available to students with each course containing central core objectives and student learning outcomes based on health-related fitness components. In both cases, students work with instructors to establish personal goals and a fitness plan for the semester.

Letter grades will be earned based on attendance, pre and post training fitness assessments, personal fitness plan, understanding of training/health principles, and a final exam. part from the immediate fitness benefits, the aim is to help each student inculcate positive lifelong fitness habits.

Most classes are held in the Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports. PRW 2: Mountain Sports classes are also offered at SMU-in-Taos, NM.

Syllabi for each class is posted at

Please view the updated disability information regarding academic accommodations that is currently posted on our syllabi.