What GRE scores do you accept?

The MS HPM program does not hold a minimum GRE score, as GRE scores are only one of many factors considered for admittance.  However, high GRE scores will reflect well upon the applicant.  More information on GRE scores and preparing for the GRE test can be found at the following link: GRE PREP

Where will I be interning?

Internship locations are identified by the student based upon their interests.  The student will also coordinate the internship after receiving approval from the program director.

When are classes held?

All classes are held in the evenings from 6:30-9:20 PM.

How many classes will I take per semester?

A mix of health promotion and Cox Business classes will be taken each semester.  Students will attend no more than three classes at a time.  Cox Business classes follow an A/B Module, which consists of Course A for the first eight weeks of the semester and Course B for the second eight weeks of the semester.

Can I work full-time while going to school?

Yes, the program is designed for students who work full time and part time.

Do I need a business background?

No, a business background is not necessary to apply.  However, a strong understanding of business concepts will serve a student well in their Cox Business classes.

Do I need a medical background?

No, a medical background is not necessary to apply.

Does the MS HPM program offer professional development opportunities/programs?

Yes, students can participate in a mentorship program. Each participating student will be paired with a current industry expert, in the students' area of interest.

Are there any scholarship opportunities?

Yes! All applicants will be given consideration for departmental scholarship opportunities during the admission phase. Scholarships are awarded to students with stellar overall applications.

How much is tuition?

Tuition rates change from year to year.  More information on current tuition rates can be found at the SMU Bursar's webpage


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