Simmons MS Health Promotion Management Course Descriptions (credit hours)

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Total Credit Hours From Simmons: 28

COX Business and Management Course Descriptions (credit hours)

ACCT 6201 Financial Accounting I (2)
This course introduces students to the fundamentals of preparing and understanding financial statements targeted to external users.

MNO 6201 Organizational Behavior (2) This course is a rigorous study of behavior in organizations. Topics studied during the course include perception, attitudes, motivation, performance management, job design, goal setting, influence, and leadership. The course pedagogy includes the application of some of the most prominent, well-tested theories in the field of organizational behavior to superior business case analysis and decision-making.

MNO 6212 Introduction to Consulting (2) This is a practical and applied course in consulting. It covers topics such as what makes an effective consultant, defining client needs, strategic approaches to marketing, data gathering techniques, implementing change and tactics to end an engagement. This course requires students to develop an action plan. Prerequisite or corequisite: MNO 6201.

MNO 6218 Organizational Leadership This is a practical, applied course in leadership that builds upon and strengthens the frameworks established in the department’s core courses. The course explores different leadership theories to determine how they can be, or have been, employed in real-world situations. Special application is made through reading of contemporary leadership books and articles, classic films, and relevant cases. Prerequisite or corequisite: MNO 6201.

FINA 6201 Managerial Finance (2) An analysis of the basic problems in corporate financial management. The course is organized around the theme of asset valuation. Topics covered include stock and bond valuation, capital budgeting, cost of capital, market efficiency, and company valuation.

Total Credit Hours From COX: 10

Total Program Hours: 38