Requirements for the Minor
APSM 2310 Contemporary Issues in Sport Management  
APSM 3332 Legal and Ethical Aspects of Applied Physiology and Sport Management  ASPM 2310
APSM 3340 Applied Management Skills in Sports and Fitness  ASPM 2310
Choice of three courses from:
APSM 3372 Advanced Public Relations in Sport  ASPM 2310; Major/Minors (include ADV MN)
APSM 4345 Sports Marketing  ASPM 2310; Major/Minors (include ADV MN)
APSM 4371 Revenue in Sports  APSM 2310; Majors/Minors only
APSM 4372 Sports Facility and Event Management  APSM 2310; Majors/Minors only
APSM 5371 Sport Management Practicum  APSM 2310; Majors/Minors only/60hrs
Total: 18 Credit Hours