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October 2012: New Master of Science in Sport Management to begin in August of 2013. Read more on the new program in the Daily Campus and the Dallas Business Journal.

Aug. 10, 2012: West Dallas Chamber of Commerce to Honor Economic 'Game-Changers' (SMU News). On Sept. 14, the West Dallas Chamber of Commerce will honor The School Zone, a partnership between DISD, the CCE and 20 non-profits aimed at ensuring West Dallas students graduate college-ready.

'Girls Talk Back' builds self esteem and promotes college (SMU News, July 19, 2012) Article features 'Girls Talk Back' program, one of many gifted and pre-college programs hosted by the Simmons School of Education & Human Development each summer.

SMU Simmons students participate in engaged learning projects that tackle real-world issues and allow them to explore future career paths. Click here for more information.

SMU Dean David Chard sworn in as member of National Board for Education Sciences
(SMU Magazine, June 22, 2012)

Dean Chard was sworn in by U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan as a member of the Board of Directors of the National Board for Education Sciences on Wednesday, June 20, 2012.

Simmons School Adds Research, Community Partnerships, Leadership To Formula For Reform (SMU Magazine, May 30, 2012)
Article features the Simmons School's newest efforts in education.

D.R.E.A.M. Act Symposium Held April 9, 2009

Honor Society Reception Held at the Faculty (March 2009)
Visit to view pictures.

Two Education Students Inducted into the Hyer Society (February 2009)

SMU Breaks Ground on the new Annette Caldwell Simmons Hall (December 2008)
In a beautiful ceremony, Annette and Harold Simmons break ground on the new school home.

Department of Teaching & Learning Professor Awarded IES Grant In Collaboration with Department of Statistics (December 2008)
Principal investigators Lynne Stokes, Ian Harris and Jill Allor will collaborate on the project designed to develop statistical methods to examine the effects of fidelity on treatment outcomes. 

Department of Teaching & Learning joins Direct Honors Program: Pi Lambda Theta (Spring 2008)
Teaching & Learning joins the most selective national honor society of educators.

Adamson High School Students Tour Campus (Fall 2008)
Seventy AP English students from Adamson High School in Oak Cliff toured campus and visited an SMU class on Tuesday, November 18.

Dr. Paige Ware (Fall 2008)
Dr. Ware Gave the opening plenary address at the Ohio State Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Conference on October 31st.

Wellness Department Faculty Member Receives Prestigious Awards (Fall 2008)
Dr. Marilynn "Birdie" Barr from the Wellness Department was recently acknowledged as a 2008 Honoring Our Professors' Excellence (HOPE) Professor through the Department of Residence Life & Student Housing; she also received an SMU Panhellenic Inspirational Professor Award.

Brian Fennig (September 2008)
The SMU chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary recognized Brian Fennig as faculty/staff honoree for the month of September 2008.

Master of Liberal Studies Faculty Member Receives Prestigious Award (2008-09)
The National Association of Graduate Liberal Studies Programs has named Professor Rick Halperin, faculty member in the MLS program and director of SMU's Human Rights Program, as this year's recipient of its National Faculty Award.

The Education Equation (SMU Magazine, Spring/Summer 2008)
From how students learn to why they may fail, the Annette Caldwell Simmons School of Education and Human Development seeks answers.

School of Education Dean Supports DISD's Grading Policy (Dallas Morning News editorial, September 2008)
Dr. David Chard, Dean of the Annette Caldwell Simmons School of Education and Human Development, applauds DISD's efforts to provide additional support for students at risk for academic failure.

Beyond the A, B, C's: Teachers Talk About What it Takes to be Great (Park Cities People, November 2007)
Dr. Gail Hartin, Director of SMU's undergraduate teacher education program, discusses what makes a teacher great.

Insights from a Service-Learning Instructor (SMU Service-Learning Connection, October 2007)
Dr. Barbara Morganfield, lecturer in the School's Department of Literacy, Language, and Learning, discusses the importance of learning through social service.

All Graduate Education Students Pass the State's Master Teacher Exams (August 2007)
All graduate Education students who sat for a Master Teacher exam in August passed..

New School of Education Dean Named (SMU Forum, June 2007)
David Chard, associate dean of the College of Education at the University of Oregon and a frequently published scholar in reading and learning disabilities, has been named dean of SMU's School of Education and Human Development.

Interim Dean Announced (SMU News and Information, July 2006)
Dr. Narayan Bhat, SMU administrator and faculty member, has been named Dean ad interim of SMU's School of Education and Human Development.

US Secretary of Education, Margaret Spellings, with SMU President Turner (left) and SMU Provost Blocker (right) at the School of Education and Human Development dedication ceremony (fall 2005). US Secretary of Education Spellings greeting SMU IRR Chair, Patricia Mathes, with Associate Dean of Education, Kathy Hargrove, and Director of ESL Teacher Certification, Shelley Wright, in the background.

Bush-Style Education School in Texas (NY Times, November 2005)
U.S. Secretary of Education, Margaret Spellings, applauds SMU's new School of Education and Human Development.

Students Learn Gratitude as They Give to Needy Kids (Dallas Morning News, Mesquite, July 2005)
Two graduates of SMU's Teacher Education program lead an effort to supply low-income children with school supplies and gifts.


New study: Running mechanics, not metabolism, are key to performance for elite sprinters (SMU Research, August 1, 2012).
Dr. Peter Weyand's research is highlighted in this article about the most critical factors in sprinting performance.

Diet is Not a Factor in Sprinting Speed (an excerpt from the Aug. 20, 2008, edition of The Times of India).
Dr. Peter Weyand, Professor of  Applied Physiology and Biomechanics, says that "speed is conferred by an ability of the limbs to hit the ground forcefully in relation to the body's weight, an attribute conferred largely by the properties of the muscles of the runner."


Assistant Professor Chosen as 2008 NAE Spencer Postdoctoral Fellow  (April, 2008)
Assistant Professor Paige Ware of the School's Department of Teaching and Learning has been selected as a recipient of the largest and most prestigious fellowship in postdoctoral educational research, the National Academy of Education (NAE) Spencer Fellowship.  Underwritten by the Spencer Foundation, these fellowships support outstanding researchers in the pursuit of critical education research projects that are expected to make significant scholarly contributions to the field.

Presidential Nominee Attends Whitehouse Function (February 7, 2008)
Professor Patricia Mathes, Texas Instruments Endowed Chair of the School's Institute for Reading Research, attended a Whitehouse press conference in which the President stressed the importance of Senate confirmation of his nominees for various council, board, and committee positions.  President Bush had nominated Professor Mathes for a position on the National Institute for Literacy Advisory Board.

Research project featured on PBS Reading Rockets show (Fall 2007)

Weighing the 'Scale Up' Study (The Chronicle of Higher Education, July 2006)
Education researchers examine how to assess the larger implications of successful small-scale studies, such as Proactive Reading--a Texas project whose principal investigator is Dr. Patricia Mathes of SMU.

Early Intervention is Key to Helping Children Read (Austin American-Statesman, December 2005)
SMU School of Education faculty member, Jill Allor, discusses the long-term social and economic value of providing educational intervention as an alternative to failing children or promoting them "beyond" their demonstrated skills.

Teaching Methods for Youths with Mental Retardation Studied (The Dallas Morning News, March 2005)
SMU's Institute for Reading Research tests new reading instruction techniques designed to help children with mental retardation achieve higher academic goals.

Research Team Hopes to Hone Reading Skills of Retarded Youth (The Dallas Morning News Colin County edition, March 2005)
SMU's Institute for Reading Research tests new reading instruction techniques designed to help children with mental retardation achieve higher academic goals.

Study Gives Hope to People with Mental Retardation (SMU News Release, March 2005)
A groundbreaking study attempts to answer the question: What levels of reading can children with mental retardation achieve?.

The Effects of Theoretically Different Instruction and Student Characteristics on the Skills of Struggling Readers (Reading Research Quarterly, April/May/June 2005)
A review of a formal investigation of the effectiveness of combining enhanced classroom instruction and intense supplemental intervention for struggling readers in first grade.

A Comparison of Teacher-Directed versus Peer-Assisted Instruction to Struggling First-Grade Readers (The Elementary School Journal, May 2003)
Peer-assisted reading instruction augments teacher-directed reading instruction by promoting the academic growth of all students involved.


Leaping Ahead: Program Preps Preschoolers for Success (Fiscal Notes, October 2003)
A project developed in the early 1990s to help prepare under-privileged Dallas children for elementary school has become a model for schools across Texas and the nation.

Leap Cited as Bright Spot in Head Start Concerns (Dallas Morning News, May 2003)
When Oscar Fuentes enrolled at the Jerry Junkins Head Start Center in West Dallas, he never spoke. "All he would do is point at things," said his mom, Rosa. It turned out he had a speech impediment. But with hard work and therapy, he has overcome his difficulty.

Nell Carvell Testifies in Support of head Start Before House Subcommittee on Education Reform (News from the Committee on Education and the Workforce, March 2003)
Washington, D.C. - The House Subcommittee on Education Reform, chaired by Rep. Mike Castle (R-DE), hears testimony on the impact of the Head Start program in preparing disadvantaged children for school.

New Approach: Learn, Don't Just Play, in PreSchool (Orlando Sentinel, December 2002)
Florida Governor Jeb Bush wants to focus state educational efforts on literacy development.

School Defies Labels (Dallas Morning News, September 2002)
It's the personal bond between teacher and student that has helped Frazier become one of the state's greatest education success stories.

No Child Left Behind (D Magazine, May 2002)
A South Dallas elementary school shows that poor kids can compete with the best.

Texas Instruments Foundation Funds SMU Institute for Reading Research (Dallas Morning News, October 2001)
The Texas Instruments Foundation is so pleased with Southern Methodist University's language program for Head Start 4-year-olds that it gives $1.5 million to endow a faculty chair for a nationally renowned reading specialist.

At the White House Summit, First Lady Laura Bush Remarks on Early Childhood Cognitive Development (White House Summit, July 2001)

The Teaching of Laura Bush (Reader's Digest, 2001)
The President wants Head Start to have an academic goal along with social and nutritional and health-related goals. There is a Head Start center in Dallas called the Margaret Cone Center that the Texas Instruments Foundation adopted about 15 years ago.

President Bush's Plan to Push Reading in Headstart (New York Times, February 2001)
In seeking to broaden the menu of Head Start beyond the provision of care, meals, play and limited learning, President Bush is relying on researchers who argue that waiting too long to expose poor children to the basic elements of reading leaves them hopelessly behind peers.

LEAP in Tuscualoosa, Alabama (Tuscualoosa News)
Educators involved with HeadStart and county and city schools meet to plan spring and summer lessons for their "Success by 6" pre-kindergarten classes.


IMSLEC Innovator Award (October 2009)
Karen Vickery, Director of the Learning Therapy Program at SMU, will receive an IMSLEC Innovator Award as an Outstanding Educator in a University at the annual meeting of the IMSLEC in Seattle on Wednesday, October 29, 2008.

Dyslexia Center Educator Receives Prestigious Award (April 2008)
Margaret T. Smith, instructor in the School's Learning Therapy certification program, received this year's Aylett R. Cox ALTA (Academic Language Therapy Association)  Educator Award, which is given to educators who have made significant impacts in the lives of individuals with dyslexia. 

Learning Therapy Instructor receives Excellence in Education Award (January 2008)
Jana Jones, an instructor in the School's Learning Therapy program, receives the Excellence in Education Award from the Dallas Branch of the International Dyslexia Association.

Dean Speaks-Out on the Importance of Student Services for Dyslexic Students (Dallas Morning News, November 2007)

Dyslexia Over the Years (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, January 2004)

Breaking Through (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, January 2004)

Parents Key to Improving School Dyslexia Programs (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, January 2004)

Left Behind (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, January 2004)

War of Words (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, January 2004)


A Scholarship Called Serendipity (Texas Monthly, February 2008)
Dallas lawyer and state representative, Rafael Anchía, comments on his undergraduate work at SMU, including his bilingual and linguistic education studies with Associate Professor, Dr. William Pulte.

SEHD receives federal grant to train teachers of LEP students

SEHD receives federal grant to train math/science educators of LEP students

Federal Grant Funds the Development of Professional Development for Math/Science Teachers of new LEP (Limited English Proficiency) Students in Secondary Schools
Federally funded grant addresses the needs of at-risk newcomer adolescent LEP students through the development of educators.

Federal Grant Funds the Development of Professional Training for Teachers of LEP (Limited English Proficiency) Students
A team of educators from SMU, the Irving Independent School District, and the Grand Prairie Independent School District have created a model of integrated professional development that trains teachers how to provide higher-quality education for LEP students over short and long terms.

Bilingual Education Associate Director Torres Receives Prestigious TWU Scholarship Award
Annette Torres is the 2007 recipient of TWU's College of Professional Education's Dykes Leadership Scholarship Award that is given annually to a graduate student who demonstrates outstanding scholarship and research.
Plano Star Courier, January 2007
La Estrella, January 2007 (Spanish) (English translation)
Dallas Morning News, February 2007

SMU Professor Bill Pulte talks about Testing Bilingual Students (Dallas Morning News, November 2006)

SMU Assistant Professor is Recipient of Ford Fellowship (March 2006)
SMU Assistant Professor Paige Ware was selected in March 2006 as a recipient of SMU's prestigious Ford Fellowship grant in recognition of her research in the integration of technology into second language teaching and learning. Her work has addressed issues ranging from the linguistic development of middle school children participating in online mentoring partnerships to the development of cross-cultural awareness among college students involved in international collaborative projects. With the Early Career Ford Fellowship, she will continue to pursue her current research on the grammatical development of intermediate- and advanced-level English as a Second/Foreign Language students. This project currently involves pre-service and in-service teachers at SMU and English language students in Spain. She will expand the project to include several more international sites across the next two years.

Otorgan Prestigiado Premio a Promotor de Educacion Bilingue (El Sol de Texas, November 2005)
El doctor Bill Pulte pionero d los programas de Educacion Bilingue en SMU que gracias a sus esfuerzos se ha institucionalizado este servicio para la comunidad de hispanos parlantes que asisten a las escuelas publicas del area de Dallas.

Exito de Programas Bilingues Radica en Preparacion de Maestros (Orlando Sentinel, November 2005)
Exito de Programas Bilingues Radica en Preparacion de Maestros (Terra USA, November 2005)

Dr. Bill Pulte, director of SMU's bilingual-education grant programs, discusses the programs in light of SMU's new School of Education and Human Development.

Reconocen Necesidad de Maestros Bilingues (Diario La Estrella, November 2005)
La secretaria de Educacion en Estados Unidos, Margaret Spellings, reconocio que la necesidad de maestros bilingues es "grande y esta creciendo" en forma importante en el pais.

Program Director Receives Higher Education Honoree Award (TABE Award Letter, August 2005)
Professor Bill Pulte, director of the Bilingual Education Program and associate professor of linguistic anthropology at SMU, has received the 2005 Higher Education Honoree award from the Texas Association for Bilingual Education (TABE). The award is given to individuals who have earned the recognition, respect, and admiration of educators and scholars in the field of education for language minority students. He will formally receive the award in October at the General Assembly of the TABE 2005 annual conference.••• El Dr. Bill Pulte, director del programa de Educación Bilingüe y Profesor Asociado de educación, lingüística, y antropología en la Universidad Metodista del Sur (SMU por sus siglas en inglés) ha recibido el Premio Honorifico 2005 de Educación Superior otorgado por la Asociación para la Educación Bilingüe de Texas (TABE por sus siglas en inglés). Este premio anual al ilustre educador universitario es otorgado a individuos que han merecido el reconocimiento, respeto, y admiración de educadores en el campo de la educación de estudiantes que pertenecen a minorías lingüísticas. Él recibirá este honor en el mes de Octubre durante la Asamblea General de la conferencia anual de TABE.

SMU Lecturer Selected as the New TABE Legislative Chair (TABE Newsletter, July 2005)
Dr. Shelley Wright, a Lecturer in SMU's Bilingual Education program, has been named the new TABE Legislature Chair for the 2005 - 2006 school year.

SMU Program Specialist Selected as the New TABE Public Relations Chair (TABE Newsletter, July 2005)
Viviana Hall, a Program Specialist in SMU's Bilingual Education program, has been named the new TABE Public Relations Chair for the 2005 - 2006 academic year.

Bilingual Education Graduate Named Teacher of the Week (The Dallas Morning News, March 2005)
Minyard Inc. names Christine Motes, a graduate of SMU's Master's in bilingual education program, Teacher of the Week.

Bilingual Program Graduate Named TEA Teacher of the Year (RISD School Times, October 2004)
Gloria Voutos was named the Texas Elementary Teacher of the Year for 2005 by the Texas Education Agency. Ms. Voutos is a bilingual instructional specialist with Richardson ISD and a graduate of SMU's Bilingual Teacher Education Program.

SMU's Bilingual Program Professors Speak at the 2004 TAGT Conference
SMU's Bilingual Program educators delivered a presentation in November 2004 at the annual Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented (TAGT) conference regarding the issue of under representation of bilingual students in G/T programs.

Reconocen por Cuarta Vez a Escuela Gabe P. Allen (El Sol de Texas, November 2004)
SMU MBE graduate helped enlist the parental and community support that played an important role in the academic success of Gabe Allen elementary school and its fourth recognition as an "exemplary school."

The Advantages of Speaking More than One Language (Al Dia, March 2004)
According to one of SMU's Bilingual Program educators, speaking more than one language can be a tremendous asset in today's world.

Texas Teachers Sought for Bilingual, Gifted Training (Education Week, November 2002)
With the help of a $1.5 million federal grant, SMU launches an unusual scholarship program that will train teachers in both bilingual education and gifted education.

Bilingual Teachers to Train at SMU (The Dallas Morning News, October 2002)
Grants allow SMU's Bilingual Education Program to certify instructors and build ranks for DISD.

Bilingual Education Crisis (Corpus Christi Caller-Times, January 1997)
The number of non-English speaking students is outpacing the number of certified bilingual teachers.


Kathy Hargrove, Education and Human Development, will receive the 2008 President's Award from the Texas Association for the Talented and Gifted during its annual conference Nov. 13-14 in Dallas. The award is given to recognize "an individual of influence who has made positive contributions to gifted and talented education."

Korean Educators on Quest for Creativity (The Dallas Morning News, December 2004)
The Korean government sends 28 teachers to a number of U.S. schools, including SMU's Gifted Students Institute, to learn how American schools address the special needs of gifted and talented students.

SMU's Gifted Students Institute and Bilingual Program Professors Speak at the 2004 TAGT Conference
The directors of SMU's Gifted Students Institute and Bilingual Education Program deliver a presentation in November 2004 at the annual Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented (TAGT) conference regarding the issue of under representation of bilingual students in G/T programs.

Images of Teaching: Who Should Teach the Gifted? (Gifted Child Today, Summer 2003)
The bottom line seems to be that the gifted benefit most from being in classrooms with teachers who know and understand their learning characteristics and needs--teachers with strong academic preparation and highly developed pedagogical skills.

Smart Children are Challenging (The Dallas Morning News, December 2000)
Sometimes the smartest children can be the most difficult to deal with. They ask a lot of questions and want complex answers.

SMU Administrator Kathy Hargrove Wins Award (The Turtle Creek News, November 2000)
Dr. Kathy Hargrove, director of Teacher Education at SMU, is named the 2000 Outstanding Administrator in Gifted Education by the Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science.

SMU Administrator Kathy Hargrove Wins Award (SMU News, November 2000)
Dr. Hargrove is named the 2000 Outstanding Administrator in Gifted Education by TAMS.

Gifted Children Have Advocate in Group's Chief (The Dallas Morning News, 1992-93)
The Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented (TAGT) exists to support the special educational needs of gifted learners.


Taking Testing to Task (Park Cities Morning News, January 2003)
Texans for Quality Assessment, an organization comprised of teachers and parents, protests the use of a single test to determine the grade promotion of students.

Whose Homework is it Anyway? (Working Mother, November 2001)
More assignments plus less time equals lots of arguments between parents and their kids.

Motivating Your Child (Dallas Child, August 2001)
Learning what to say, when to say it, and when to keep your mouth shut can be a challenge for parents.


Great Expectations: Some Parents Say a Texas Special Olympics Coach Pushed Kids Too Hard (Sports Illustrated, October 2007)
In a article concerning a Special Olympics team coach, Dean David Chard comments on child-rearing practices of parents of children with special educational needs.

Off the Short Bus (Dallas Observer, September 2007)
In a article concerning a Special Olympics team coach, Dean David Chard comments on child-rearing practices of parents of children with special educational needs.


Director of the Center for Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management to Highlight Annual Missouri Conference (October 18, 2008)
Dr. Michael Colatrella, Director of the Center for Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management, will highlight this year's annual Educational Conference of the Association of Missouri Mediators which will be held on Saturday, October 18, 2008 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Columbia, Missouri. Using the latest research on the negotiation process, Professor Colatrella will lead sessions on engaging in an efficient negotiation process, rational decision-making concerning settlement, and dealing with power imbalances in mediation including the ethical implications of mediator attempts to balance power while maintaining impartiality and party self-determination. 

Embracing Conflict is All About Perspective and Skill (Public Sector Digest, August 12, 2008)
The process of developing a Conflict Management System (CMS) is discussed in this article by Dr. Anthony Picchioni, Chairperson of the School's Department of Dispute Resolution and Counseling, and LaShon Ross, Director of Human Resources with the City of Plano.

Dispute Resolution Professor is a Guest Speaker in the Foreign Policy Association's Great Decision Series, Tyler Chapter (February 20, 2008)
Dr. Michael Colatrella, lecturer in the school's Disputer Resolution program, will be the keynote speaker in the Foreign Policy Association's Great Decision Series on Wednesday, February, 20, 2008, in Tyler, Texas. Immediately preceding the talk, Dr. Colatrella will give a 'live' interview with KETK 56, the local NBC affiliate.

Department Chair of Conflict Resolution and Counseling is Part of Winning Team (Fall 2007)
Dr. Tony Picchioni, Chairman of the Department of Dispute Resolution and Counseling, and LaShon Ross, Director of Human Resources for the City of Plano, Texas, won an award from the National League of Cities in November 2007 for their development of a succession model that identifies emergent talent within a city's employment ranks.  Dr. Picchioni serves as Director of Plano's Management Preparation Program that was charged with development of the model. 

Department Chair and City HR Director Collaborate to Publish a Series of "Conflict" Articles (Fall 2007 / Spring 2008)
Dr. Tony Picchioni, Chairman of the Department of Dispute Resolution and Counseling, and LaShon Ross, Director of Human Resources for the City of Plano, Texas, have co-authored a three-part series titled "Embracing Conflict: It's all about Perspective and Skill."  

Dispute Resolution Program Graduate Wins International Award (December 2007)
Susan Hunter, a recent graduate of the School of Education and Human Development's Dispute Resolution program, won first place in the United Nations Forum for Online Dispute Resolution.  She competed in a field of more than 200 students, most from US law schools.  Her presentation was a critique of the current legal model taught in American universities and law schools and practiced by the legal profession; she argued that the model must be replaced in the 21st century with a collaborative paradigm.  Her paper will be published in the Law and Business Review Journal in February 2008.


SMU's Upward Bound Program Offers College Access Conference (March 1, 2008)
The Upward Bound program of  the Annette Caldwell Simmons School of Education and Human Development welcomes 400 Dallas County students and their parents on Saturday, March 1, to participate in the Early College Access Conference, a full-day campus workshop focusing on the "how-to's" of getting to college.


SMU's Center for Family Counseling (Oct. 2008 grand opening)
Low-cost counseling services become available to residents of Colin County through SMU's new Center for Family Counseling.

Latinos Have Somewhere to Turn as their Mental Health Needs Grow (September 2008)
SMU's Center for Family Counseling, located on SMU's campus in northwest Plano, offers counseling services in Spanish.

Children Adjusting to Military Deployment of a Caregiver (Play Therapy, September 2008)
Dr. Misty Solt, Director of the School's Family Counseling Center, discusses how parents returning from war-time military duty  should communicate with their children in order to reestablish former trusting familial bonds.

M.S. in Counseling Student is Selected as Maguire Internship Recipient (March 2008)
Lindsay Wilson, a student in the School's M.S. in Counseling program, was recently selected as one of eight recipients of SMU's Maguire Public Service Internship.


Research Symposia (March 3, 5, 6, 2009)
Guest speakers to speak in March.

New Sports Management Major (SMU Daily Campus, March 27, 2008)
A sports-fitness management and promotion major/minor will be officially proposed within the next year.  If approved, the undergraduate  program will be offered through SMU's Annette Caldwell Simmons School of Education and Human Development.