Simmons Graduate Council

Application for Funding

Spring Application Cycle is open from January 29 - February 11, 2018

  • Please type your information directly into the google application form. 
  • In an email, attach a file titled Lastname_Firstname Budget Spring 2018 that includes a statement/budget of your estimated expenses with supporting documentation and/or screenshots as applicable.
  • Please submit applications only during the application cycle dates. Applications received before 12 AM on January 29th or after 11:59 PM on February 11th will NOT be considered.

Application Cycle Closed 

Sample Application and Budget

Here are some samples of a low-quality and high-quality application as well as a sample budget to guide you with the application process. NOTE: The samples below utilize our previous pdf form. While the form has changed the questions have not. The sample answers still simulate what is needed for an application. 

Sample Individual Application High-Quality

Sample Individual Application Low-Quality

Sample Individual Budget

Criteria to Evaluate Applications - scored on a scale of 1-7

Does the application meet required guidelines? (Is the money being used according to our policies, is it funding fundable items, etc.?)

Does the application show a clear tie to departmental conceptual framework goals? (Is this aligned with the applicant's department's framework?)

Does the application support professional development of the applicant? (Is it relevant to their career trajectory?)

Are supporting documents provided? (Budget, detail of event, hotel and airline estimates, etc.)