Center On Research and Evaluation (CORE)

Dylan Farmer

Dylan Farmer

Project Manager

M.Ed., Southern Methodist University
Expressway Tower
6116 N. Central Expressway, Ste.400
Dallas 75206
Box 511
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Dylan Farmer has worked with the Simmons School of Education and Human Development at Southern Methodist University since 2009, originally serving as a research associate in the Institute for Evidence-Based Education. Currently serving as a Project Manager at the Center on Research and Evaluation (CORE), Dylan manages a number of research and evaluation projects. Those projects include the development of a computer adaptive assessment for Pre-K to 3rd grade students, collective impact evaluation, program development and innovation projects, program feasibility and effectiveness studies, Item Response Theory, and concurrent and predictive validity projects. 

Since earning a M.Ed in 2011, Dylan has developed a strong interest in leveraging information collection and management processes for informed decision-making and helping students in underserved communities gain access to quality education and program services.  In addition to being a certified EC-6 classroom teacher, she is fluent in the use of teleforms for the use of instrument design and data collection, data management, logic modeling, and programming language for statistical data analysis.

Dylan received both her master’s degree in Education and her undergraduate degree in Markets and Culture from SMU.