Wen Huang

Postdoctoral Fellow

Wen Huang

Department of Teaching & Learning


Ph.D, Arizona State University


6401 Airline Rd
Suite 301
Dallas, 75205



Dr. Wen Huang is a Postdoctoral Fellow in Extended Reality and Immersive Learning in the Center for Global Health Impact and Center for VR Learning Innovation in the Annette Caldwell Simmons School of Education & Human Development at Southern Methodist University.  Dr. Huang completed his PhD at Arizona State University in Engineering Education Systems and Design Program in 2020.  The main focus of his research is on motivational factors, such as novelty and complexity, that enhance learning in extended reality experiences over time.  He uses advanced modeling techniques on cross-sectional and longitudinal datasets.   

At SMU, Dr. Huang is working on a variety of extended reality and immersive technology projects with Drs. Eric G. Bing, Tony Cuevas, and Candace Walkington, including:

1.     Creating Low-cost Virtual Reality Training to Improve Care during Labor and Delivery (Bing & Cuevas)

2.     Virtual Realty Meditation to Improve Emotional Well-Being among College Students (Bing)                

3.     VR applications design for collaborative embodied STEM learning (Cuevas)

4.     Exploring Collaborative Embodiment for Learning (EXCEL): Understanding Geometry through Multiple Modalities (Walkington).

In addition to his doctorate in Engineering Education, Dr. Huang has a Master of Engineering and a Bachelor of Art in English from Beihang University, Beijing China.