Emily Short

Grant Program Specialist

Education Policy and Leadership


M.Ed., Ohio State University


3101 University Blvd.
Suite 345
Dallas TX 75205



Emily Short earned her M.Ed. from The Ohio State University. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Secondary English Education and a minor in Communications from University of Kentucky. Emily taught secondary students for six years while also acting as Marketing & Operations Coordinator for a local leadership training organization. These years in the classroom intensified her motivation to seek new ways to engage learners and encourage students’ social-emotional learning and academic success. Her presentations at state (OCTELA, High AIMS Summer Institute, MISD Learns: IGNITE 2022) and national (CEL Annual Convention) conferences spotlighted implementation of digital tools to maximize learning in the ELA classroom and emphasized how an interactive writer’s notebook leads to success in student writing. Emily maintains her role as Senior Editor/Writer for Dallas & Fort Worth’s chapter of BroadwayWorld and elects to exercise her writing expertise as often as possible. She is an avid reader, a lifelong learner, and is passionate about researching new ways to aid others in their learning journeys, especially young learners. Whether she is operating within a secondary classroom or higher education organization, Emily's focus is to make a positive impact on the ever-changing, all-important industry of education.