Robyn Short

Adjunct Instructor

Robyn Short

Department of Dispute Resolution and Counseling


D.L.S., Southern Methodist University


6401 Airline Rd, Suite 201
Dallas, TX 75205


Robyn Short, MLA, MA, DLS

Dr. Robyn Short is a peace-building trainer and mediator with expertise in restorative practices and transformative mediation models. Dr. Short works with individuals, corporations, and nonprofit organizations in discovering the root causes of conflicts, so they may transform their relationships and create new and productive paths forward individually and as teams. She also works with community leaders and political and governmental leaders to develop grassroots efforts for building sustainable peace in areas of historic conflict. In this capacity, she has been featured in news outlets internationally. In 2016, Dr. Short founded The Peace & Conciliation Project, a 501(c)(3) organization designed to engage communities in antiracism work through actionable dialogue and constructive change.

Dr. Short is the author of four books and the founder and publisher of GoodMedia Press, an independent publishing house that’s mission is to actively and passionately promote peace and social justice.

In addition to her mediation and peace-building training practice, Dr. Short is an adjunct professor at Southern Methodist University in the Master of Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution program and the Master of Leadership and Negotiation at Bay Path University.

Dr. Short holds a Doctor of Liberal Studies degree with a focus in peace studies and systems design. Her dissertation work explores the role of dignity in organizational systems design. She holds a Master of Art in Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution from Southern Methodist University and a Master of Liberal Arts from Southern Methodist University with a focus in 15th century European history. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Auburn University. Learn more about her work at