Hiba Rahim

Assistant Director

Hiba Rahim

Center on Research and Evaluation


Ed.M., Harvard University


Expressway Tower
6116 N. Central Expressway, Suite 400
Dallas 75206
Box 511



Hiba Rahim joined SMU in February 2013 as the Assistant Director of the Center on Research and Evaluation (CORE). She currently conducts and manages evaluations for different non-profit organizations and schools internationally and domestically, while providing research services support to SMU faculty. Some of her current projects include examining parent education programs, after school programs, student field experiences, a psycho-educational program for incarcerated minors at-risk or suffering from abuse and/or trafficking, attrition rates of families in a private school, and additional survey, interview, and mixed methods data analysis work. She has a passion for helping underprivileged children gain access to quality education.

She has many years of experience working in the education sector, both internationally and domestically. Prior to joining SMU, she worked at the American Institutes for Research (AIR) and the Academy for Educational Development (AED) (now known as FHI 360) in Washington, D.C. as a research analyst. In this role, she conducted mixed methods analysis on an Education Quality Improvement Program (EQUIP123), an $800 million USAID-funded program with programs in 63 different countries.

While living internationally she worked to improve programs for street children in Karachi, Pakistan and conducted program documentation and evaluation for a USAID-funded project focusing on teacher professional development called Education Sector Reform Assistance (ESRA). In Kuwait, she taught 1st grade reading classes and was a Community L’INC coordinator for Leadership Inc., which entailed developing leadership and community service skills in teens by organizing programs for them to work with special needs children, orphans, and led them in fundraising activities to benefit schools and adult female literacy programs in Kenya and Yemen respectively.

She received her undergraduate degree with a double major in Education & Social Policy and Asian & Middle Eastern Studies from Northwestern University and her master’s degree in education in International Education Policy from Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Her other research interests include international education, pre and in-service teacher professional development, early literacy, and community development. Her personal interests and volunteer work include abused and neglected children, victims of domestic violence, and general poverty issues.

Selected Publications and Presentations

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