Jillian Conry

Evaluation Coordinator

Dr. Jillian Conry

Center on Research and Evaluation


Ph.D., Southern Methodist University


Expressway Tower
6116 N. Central Expressway, Suite 400
Dallas 75206
Box 511



Jillian Conry, Ph.D. is an Evaluation Coordinator at CORE trained in quantitative and qualitative research methods with experience in local and international educational research projects. Formerly a bilingual classroom teacher, she explores literacy and ways to support language learners as well as their teachers and families by leveraging technology. She currently works on several projects centered on reading literacy and early childhood education.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and International Studies from Texas A&M University and a Master of Liberal Studies with a concentration in Hu¬manities from Southern Methodist University. Jillian has eight years of experience as a classroom teacher in Garland Independent School District. Her research interests include supporting English learners (ELs) as well as their families and teachers by leveraging technology.