Simmons Alumni Spotlight: January 2020 

Each month, Simmons spotlights one of our amazing alumni and shares more information about their work since graduating Simmons.

Khalil Abdur-Rashid ‘19

Khalil Abdur-Rashid is the University Muslim Chaplin at Harvard University. He graduated from Simmons in 2019 with a Doctorate of Liberal Studies specializing in Islam in America.

What do you do professionally and what is most rewarding about your job?

I serve as the University Muslim Chaplain at Harvard University. The most rewarding part of my job is engaging in teaching and educational programmings with students which allows me the opportunity to witness the amazing transformation of students who will do profound things later in life.

What were some of the most meaningful aspects of your education at Simmons?
For sure, the curriculum and faculty of the Graduate of Liberal Studies Program. The coursework and tremendous experience and wisdom of the faculty both inspired me and transformed me in ways that prepared me for the work I do now.
How did your education at Simmons prepare you for your professional career?

I learned the value of interdisciplinary work in an increasingly diverse world. The Simmons School is incredibly good at bringing together talented people from diverse backgrounds who can expose students to an array of ideas and experiences that prepare them for the daunting challenges we have today. There is a focus on both the local and global, as well as the historical and contemporary trends that equip us for the much needed professional work and leadership role that lay ahead of all of us.

What are some highlights from your experience as a SMU student?

Some of my most memorable experiences include engaging in cohort discussions and learning exercises as well as learning from the lively diverse opinions in class from both the faculty members and fellow peers around me.

Why are you proud to be a Simmons alum?

The Simmons School invested in me and challenged me to never be satisfied with mediocrity. The Simmons School, through its' faculty, students and educational programs, allowed me to grow and thrive, and enabled me to pursue reaching my fullest potential in ways I could not have ever imagined.

Condensed and edited.