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The Assembly of Residential Housing, aka The Assembly, formerly the Residence Hall Association, is the governing body of all residential communities and is open to all students affiliated with a Residential Commons. The objectives of The Assembly are: to be the voice of 3,000 students living on campus; to promote Commons Councils and leadership opportunities within the Residential Commons and Upper Class Housing; to communicate and present suggestions and concerns to Residence Life and Student Housing leadership; to provide programming and activities to the on-campus students and to represent SMU on the Regional and National levels.

The Assembly of Residential Housing at SMU is a member of the NACURH Association of College and University Residence Halls (NACURH) and the Southwest Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls (SWACURH). These affiliations enable The Assembly to send delegates to leadership conferences which provide students with an opportunity to meet college students from around the world and develop new leadership skills. Conference attendance and leadership opportunities are some of the best parts of being involved with The Assembly!

The Assembly oversees the Commons Councils within each Residential Commons. Commons Councils are the governing and programming bodies for each community. These organizations address concerns of the residents, help identify and make community improvements, and provide social and leadership opportunities. Commons Councils ensure the participation of the community with various University events, such as Homecoming and the Commons Cup. The Assembly works directly with the Presidents of each Commons Councils on each of these initiatives, overseeing items like Hall Improvement Funds, which allow residents to request funding for improvements to their communities, and Community Development Funds, which encourages communities to program with each other, providing them with the funds necessary for larger programming. Similarly, The Assembly oversees the Community Councils within the Upper Class Housing communities. These organizations are very similar to the Commons Councils, making sure to address the unique needs of upper class students still living on campus. Should the community choose to form a council, they become the programming body for that community, providing programming and advocacy for those residents.

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