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Each Residential Commons has a Community Council to help coordinate activities for residents. Most Community Councils have committees that work with the Faculty-in-Residence to help build a strong sense of belonging within the Res Commons. By serving on a committee, you can help plan and enjoy a variety of group activities, such as the Res Commons Olympics, Commons dinners and cultural events.

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is the umbrella organization that represents all students living in SMU Res Commons and upperclass residence halls. All residents are members of the RHA, and you have a voice in RHA issues through your Res Commons representative. Through RHA, SMU seeks student input on decisions and issues important to campus life, including policy changes, facility improvements or other ways to enhance on-campus living.

Serving on your Community Council and RHA is a great way to get involved and actively enhance the quality of your residential experience. Leadership in your Res Commons will help lay a foundation for involvement and leadership in other student activities and make a difference in your home away from home.